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Relationships Of Convenience?


“Hey, how are you?” A says.

“Good, how have you been?” “It’s been ages since we met,” B answers.

“Yeah, let’s meet for tea today, shall we?”

“No, I’m busy, maybe some other time,” B says abruptly and frankly.

It is a mundane phone chat that carries no meaning, emotion, assurance or promise, just a matter of choice and selfish relationship of convenience.

Nothing appears to be an option, after all. Are we selfish?

Relationship Of Convenience Meaning.

B did not bother to know if ‘A’ actually wanted to meet him — was there an urgency?

Convenience robs us of experiencing a more prosperous life, a life led by doing what’s right, healthy and good.

Convenience involves postponing the subject to an unknown domain, leading to a loss most of the time.

The old saying goes, ‘If you have to decide between eating or not eating, always avoid eating. … If you have to decide between wanting to go or not going, always  go.”

As we grow older, we can energetically feel the difference between those who love us and those who care about us.

Society is full of the latter breed.

Relationship of convenience is in no way truthful or profound. You can’t pause it like you would your favourite movie.


Relationship Of Love

relationships of love does not seek comfort or convenience

If someone isn’t driving you wild every minute of every day, they’re not loving you.

Unconditional love doesn’t happen overnight.

This process is a slow process that simmers and garnishes itself on a slow heat.

You can’t love someone if you only love them when you want to.

Love isn’t something you can schedule or regulate.

Love doesn’t wait until you are on a break and doesn’t see any convenience in it.

“When you need me, I will always be there — whenever I need you, you will be there too, but only if it’s convenient.”

By bringing the word convenience into any form or kind of alliance, we make it formal and official.

“Life is less about CONVENIENCE, more about EXPERIENCE. If you want a deep, meaningful experience, then you don’t focus on convenience.VAISHNAVI CHINGALE


I think that the only relationship that doesn’t seek convenience is the relationship of parents with children. Somehow, these children do not have a similar attitude towards their parents. They realise this when they become parents themselves.

I have heard a father pleading with his son to visit the ailing mother by saying “Please, please come and meet your mother; she is unwell.

The irony of the situation is, was it convenient for the mother when she was bearing down the dreadful labor pains of delivering her son?

Some relationships take convenience for granted as if it is their birthright.

What is right is often forgotten and conveniently overlooked.

“If my absence does not affect your life, then my presence is meaningless in your life.”


Relationship Of Confidence


There is a relationship much beyond the scope of mundane and personal alliances – The Soul Mate.

How easily do we refer to our partners or spouses as SOULMATES – someone who fits our needs ideally, emotionally, mentally and physically?

There needs to be an understanding and an affection that is far above CONVENIENCE.

“A soulmate isn’t someone who completes you; a soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself.”

The Mind seeks Convenience and the Heart seeks Emotional Accessibility.

















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