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 Wearing skin-tight black Levis jeans with a fawn leather jacket and riding a motorbike with the cutest girl at the college as a pillion, holding the waist tightly with the face placed on the cosy nape (was it a public display?)

It sure was!

Uffffff, how much I miss those college days of frivolity and flamboyance. Speeding the silencer free bike from the Girls hostel to the posh street of The Sadar Bazaar was indeed a Public Display. In the evening, the boys would gather around me to milk out the juicy details. Every moment was like a feather in the cap.

Walking on the main street of Manali, honeymooning with my wife, I refrained from holding her hand in public. I did not approve of the Public Display of Affection. (WITH MALICE TOWARDS NONE)

Am I a Hypocrite?

We see couples who have daggers drawn while at home but in public, they display romanticism as if they were the most lovey-dovey ones and couldn’t spend even a single moment alone.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc., have provided an excellent platform for such public display hungry couples to over fantasise the farce love.

“Public display of affection is not an indication of a happy relationship. True love has nothing to prove.” BUKY OJELABI

There is nothing sexier than a man in love with his woman and is not afraid to show it—but not to the world — only to the woman he loves. True love is expressed through the silence of lips, depth of the eyes and radiance of touch.

I often wonder who sets guidelines for public display?

*Holding hands in public.

*Hugging at the main crossing.

*Kissing at the street corner.

*Making love behind the cliff of a busy sea beach.

As such, there are no rules or laws by the Municipal Corporation. The things vary from culture to culture and country to country.  (Be a Roman when in Rome)


In 2007, Richard Gere publicly kissed the Bollywood Diva, Shilpa Shetty in an AIDS awareness event in New Delhi. An Indian court issued a warrant of arrest as a case of Public Sexual Provocation.

In 2009 a British couple were caught kissing publicly in Dubai. They were deported following a three months jail sentence.

There are several examples of such misdeeds that were suitably punished.

Wanting to display your relationship off to others is a sign of INSECURITY, and if your partner doesn’t know how to keep their hands off you, even in public, it might mean they are lusting after you.

I prefer my soulmate to whisper in my ears, in the calmness of my precipice, how much she loves me. I hate the idea of displaying on social media a personal picture.

Love is a unique gift that needs to be shared alone, not in the presence of camera lights or on the side street.

Public displays of affection are not my cup of tea. As I can only hope and pray that love finds home in our family.

We are born with an enormous need for affection and a terrible need to give it. The famous Diva AUDREY HEPBURN quoted this quote as referring to the love she wanted as a personal gift, not a public display.

I often wonder about the status of our parents when there was no social platform to Display love. Didn’t they love each other? OR, our generation has evolved so much that the soul of Adam and Eve has resided in us.




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  1. Anil says:

    True and wonderful observation

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      thanks a lot, dear…. keep reading

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