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INSIDE MY MOTHER’S WOMB …. An intriguing experience during an MRI test

The technician made me lay on a narrow stretcher, trussed me onto a leash and cupped my ears with overbearing heavy earplugs. Here you go – sliding deep into a long tube-like concoction, barely accommodating eighty kilos of me. All I could see was the desolate and hovering semi-circular plastic walls of the MRI machine barely ten inches above my lonely head. I was undergoing an MRI scan for my tummy problem.

Have you ever been through the delight of being the guest of honour in the world’s most asphyxiating place . . . the MRI machine? I don’t know how you managed . . . Well, I was in deep distress.

The chilling of the goddam air conditioning, the claustrophobia and to top it all, ear piercing and irritating mechanical sounds . . . made my heart and mind spin. It made me pukish. I was on the verge of extreme uneasiness – the ‘Ghabrahat’, and I was in a state of complete panic. The thought of tolerating the twenty-minute ordeal of this test was killing me.

Then came the saviour!

My crazy and audacious imagination shoved me to a different level of meditation. My mind started regressing to my childhood, and suddenly the doors of Divinity opened. I was floating in the aqueous of my Mother’s womb – I was in a compact bag experiencing the celestial journey of nine months with hands and legs all tied up . . . unable to move.

Was it suffering? NO!. . It was a heavenly walk.

The loud, infuriating, powerful mechanical noises turned into a soft musical murmur of my Mother’s heart.

“Yes! Oh Yes, I can hear you, Mom . . . say something to me, please.” I cried with joy.

She spoke very softly, “My child, I started loving you the moment I realised you were growing inside me . . . Remember, that you are desired for, yearned for, pleaded for, and will always be treasured as the most precious divine gift . . . You have honoured me by accepting to be in my womb . . . You are going to spend nine months in me, preparing to fall in love with me for the rest of your lifetime.”

A streak of warm tears rolled out as the picture of my mother who left me ten years ago rolled in front of my eyes.

‘For you created my inmost being. You knit me together in my mother’s womb.’ PSALM 139:13


Suddenly the dream was over. The stretcher started rolling out, and I was in the virtual world fronting the technician’s smiles . . . “Sir, I hope you are okay – please get up, the testing is over.”

I smiled back but was unhappy to be pulled out of the divine state of being vis-a-vis to the most loving soul – My Mother.

I adored that brief twenty-minute journey.




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  1. Hey Doc
    Your point of view can be seen as a positive self paradigm.
    You bet it is a virtual world …as virtual as the appearance of the trees running backwards past us when we are moving forwards. Even the time belongs to this virtual world. We all feel ourselves as the same soul within, nothing changes from the time we are born till now. Time has just no impact on it. And that is what you felt and described…….beautiful.
    Regards RG

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      hello RG
      I can see a writer and a philosopher in you who has a profound thought process and imagination to depths and understanding. Thank you so much for being an avid reader of my blogs and give your opinion.

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