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The word ‘Seduction’ —  has been borrowed from the Latin “seducere”, meaning to lead apart or astray. It has a negative connotation implying such acts to be deceitful and manipulative. It is commonly used in reference to sex but in general use as well – To coax someone to do something that is not considered appropriate conduct or a social demeanour – To lure away from proper behaviour or a rational response to inappropriate behaviour.

Bible – “For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall show signs and wonders to ‘seduce’, if it were possible, even to elect” – The word seduce means, ‘to deceive’ – Jesus was saying people would rise up claiming to be Christ or a prophet of God with the ability to show signs and wonders.

The human mind can be seduced through five sense organs and manipulated to perform actions that may be executed consciously or subconsciously. Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they secretly want to do already.


Can the SOUL be seduced or manipulated?. . NO! The SOUL is divine and virtuous—can’t be seduced.

It’s the Mind that needs to be silenced and emotionally shushed to conquer over seduction – The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself.

In LOVE, the seduction of the mind can be accomplished by charm, attraction, lure or temptation leading to carnal or monetary advantages. To achieve salvation and the ultimate emotional accord – Touch the Soul.

“Seduce my mind to have my body – touch my soul to make me yours forever.”


The Mind and Heart may take ages and require several efforts in search of something that the Soul already knows. Getting seduced and making decisions may be superfluous and short-lived —  However, picking the path that feeds the Soul can’t be wrong or misleading.

“You may acquire the energy to discover the Chemistry of my Mind and seduce me to ignite a blazing sensuality in my body – but I will be yours, infinitely and unrestrained if you can scrupulously decipher the Hieroglyphics and the Melody of my Soul.”

 Love doesn’t last for long on mere seduction.

Seduction is a game played with the Mind – “He wraps me in seduction by penetrating my mind.” They say that a gentleman seduces the lady’s mind before he even touches her body.

Your lady’s heart is like an instrument. Play the right beats and lure the right cords at the right moments with soulful assurance. You will hear the music and melody of her moans and poignant whimpers – Master this with honesty and blissful morality –


‘Understanding is the ultimate seduction of the Mind – go to the truth beyond the Mind.’ — Remember, during this journey, your lady love is also seducing your mind. You are also envisioning a soulful touch.

Love based on mere seduction creates hell when it is over.

Unquenched and discontented, the person falls in Love again—yet again—and again as life goes on. The pattern goes recurrently and immorally until the very essence of the meaning of Love is lost. Love becomes too jaded to believe in it anymore or too old for all the upheavals.

Hell breaks loose, and the charisma is deeply tarnished when seduction seeks Love in midlife or later. A mature and seasoned Mind and Heart doesn’t respond to the bait of any luring or enticement. The lucky ones are those who get soul-stirring Love during that stage of life. Midlife is a time for soul-searching and self-awareness to create a new chapter in your life story. Youthful frivolity and trivially seductive flings must take a back seat, and life should be willfully engaged in embracing the unknown. Courage and emotional valour must be exercised to discover the Bliss.

“Bliss begets Love – Love begets Bliss.”

A friend messaged me – “She is a woman, not magic—but love her right, and it’s magical.”

I replied—“Magic that pulls like a magnet and gets mystified by her presence and soulful fragrance.”


“Seduce my mind, ensnare my heart . . . CAPTURE MY SOUL, and my body is yours forever.”





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  1. Hi Doctor
    It may sound like a pep talk but still i would like to put forth my thoughts to my friend. The context is your post and my little knowledge of Bhagavad Gita.
    Just no one from this unreal world can touch our soul. Because our soul is real and no one from the unreal world can cross that boundary to go from unreal to real. And why do we want to be anyone’s forever when the whole world is shouting freedom. You said it , we have to get on to our inward journey to strengthen our minds. Detachment is a bliss, that is what we should practice.
    Regards, RG

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      hello RG
      missed you for a long time on my blogs. Hope all is well.
      Well, one thing I do feel is that there is surely someone in this unreal world who brushes past your soul and even caresses it. Dr Brian Weiss says that such a person from the unreal world carries love with you to the other world as well — no matter in any other form of relationship. But, love does beget love.
      thank you a lot for your feedback.

  2. I would like to add,You have rightfully and explicitly put your point. As an expression if someone’s thoughts resonate with ours, we do say it has touched (our soul). Something like…Jo bhi pyar se mila hum use ke ho liye.

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      very true RG

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