war winning and regretting
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WAR… is Winning And Regretting.


A combat situation that blossoms no roses. WAR… is Winning And Regretting.

War is a state of conflict, a perversion of mind and More so a dictum of self satisfaction of ones Ego that pushes myriad of living souls into the ambush of self immolation.

Who wins in the end?
Is the winner a happy man?

How can be one happy sitting on the throne of blood shed, misery, cries of the dead, disfigured and dismembered.

The history both recent and past can vouch for the misadventures and regrets after the wars and combats.

  • Ashoka the great, turned to Buddhism after the carnage under his nose.
  • Alexander became a pathetic caricature of disease and pathos and couldn’t take the suffering after loosing most of his army.
  • Adolf Hitler committed suicide in the bunker after winning the world.
  • America was cursed and ostracized for dropping the Nuke at Hiroshima and Nagashaki.
  • The Japanese were not a happy lot after bombing the Pearl Harbour.

There are numerous examples where the fighters have regretted their deeds even after the envisaged win.

So, WAR is ‘Winning And Regretting.’

The great old man in hand woven dhoti and laathi, preached the entire world the lingo of Non violence and won India the most coveted Independence.

Feel the pain of the mother when she sees the corpse of her young son killed in war combat. Feel the tears of a small child when he cries holding the cold hand of his dead father.

It’s pain, and pain, and pain… nothing else but pain.

Solution to any problem can be very readily achieved when two heads and hearts work together holding a white flag. Brandishing a sword breeds only alarm and animosity and diversity.

The losses are always two fold. WAR… is Winning And Regretting.

Nothing is conquered, nothing can be actually conquered. Who are we to snatch away happiness and peace from others life.

One day death will come to all of us. It is the biggest snatcher.

If there has to be a war.
Let there war be against Hatred and Deceit.
Let there be war against the dying green cover and global warming.
Let there be war against anything and everything that is taking away the life from our lovely and lonely planet.

We need Love, we need peace, we need brotherhood.

Don’t enforce any kind of fight on us.


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