cricket and war. how is the josh?

Cricket and War are On. How is the Josh?


The Cricket and War are On. How is the Josh? What kind of war are we talking?

You are out!
No! I am not.
Yes you are, you are cheating.
Who me?, a cheat! How dare you?

And thus started a fist fight that soon took over as a team fight and later as the fight between two colonies.

I am talking of a WAR like situation that was kindled by the gully CRICKET, in the days of my school when I was barely 13 years old.

Then came the war of 1971.

We were at the most savage war with none other than Pakistan. The days of Black outs, the dive in the trenches in bomb situation etc etc.

We of course won the war and made our neighbours stoop in shame.

After 50 years , today I can see a similar scenario brewing up.

The CRICKET and WAR are on… How is the Josh?

But there is a difference.

In the past there was a different kind of war at the gully cricket and the borders.

Today we are bringing the cannons to the cricket field.

As our artillery is gearing up to blacken the faces of guys across the sensitive border, we are wagging our so called page3 tongues to decide how to affect the noble game of Cricket.

A war is won by fighting and by blowing the connon shells under the nose of the enemy.

A war is not won by brandishing the swords in the air and just trying to scare the enemy to not to enter into a war situation.

This is surely not winning. It is a WIN by default.

If we have to win CRICKET, we have to defeat Pakistan by the power of our Willow tactics and game in the battlefield of World Cup.

This will be a true and sure shot win.

Like we are going to burn them by our super Armed Forces power in the war situation, let’s gear up to face the enemy in the Sports stadium and squeeze their bladders so that they forget to pee in the washrooms.

The WAR of CRICKET has to be won by playing in a challenging combat by our super team of 11 super players in the forthcoming tournament.

We do bow to the Martyrs and the families who suffered by the dastardly act at Pulwama.

When our able superpower is involved in laying down strategy to kill the mole in the burrow, let’s gear up to show them the power of our Willow.

And when the Indian team walks to the field, let the whole nation shout in unison…

How is the Josh?

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