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Chained in Love… What does love want?


I was driving past a village one morning. I was intrigued, rather pained, to see a bunch of chained cows and buffaloes in the vicinity of the rustic houses.

My heart bled as I watched the misery of the animals. The chains were just 4 or 5 feet long. Imagine how a big animal can survive in that short radius.

It’s Inhumane, Pathetic and Barbaric. Why can’t the chains be increased to make the poor captive animal loiter a little longer?

Chained in love: What does love want?

My overactive mind was now in philosophical mode. I was driving on autopilot, and my thoughts were delving into my psyche’s most intricate part …LOVE.

In a relationship, or specifically when in love, are we emotionally leashed? Are we chained in love?

Do we chain our partner so tightly that he can’t even breathe?

Do we try to seal all the outlets so that no one runs away?

Do we try to choke the person’s mouth through our lips (calling it love), so that we can inhale only our exhales?

Do we try to clip his wings, enabling him to accept feed from other’s hand?

Some may call this Selfishness and not Love. But, should we agree to this?

I’m possessive. I may be chauvinist or arrogant, but I want to possess the person I love. Why not?

When I give a hundred per cent to a relationship then why not expect the same? If I leash my love, what’s the problem? What’s the catch?

I may be saying irrelevant, but cross your heart and accept it! Don’t you feel the same?

How can I share or let anyone dare touch my love?

But to be on the lighter side, here’s the enigma.

Someone rightly said, खूंटा गहरा होना चाहिये, रस्सी चाहे कितनी लंबी हो…

If you are sure of your feelings and you have etched faith in your mind and heart, then, no matter what the circumstances are, your love will come back to you.

Love is a bilateral feeling if it is accomplished or realized.

Have faith and have patience, and love will return.

You don’t need to chain it up.


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