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FIVE ways to come out of depression


Depression is a state of mind where the mood dips to an abysmal level.  The person feels like a lone crusader dealing with life and the world.

People’s kindness and help seemed to cease. People were unable to come out of the dark and dingy dungeon of a self-made cocoon.

Nothing seems to bring happiness or draw interest. This is unlike when the state of the so-called depression was not there.

Every single person, even the animals, goes through this feeling and state of self-denial.

Have you seen a Labrador hanging his face to the floor when he is not patted down and loved for a long time?

Even Nature shows signs of depression, creating havoc in retaliation.

Talking of ‘we’ … ‘us’ … ‘me’ … ‘you’, We have to understand a few things to get out of this nasty situati

Are we really interested in coming out of depression?
Are we portraying a facade of depression to the world to gain sympathy and empathy? — Do we want an allopathy of attention, love and importance that has not been up to the mark for some unknown reason?

Just a reminder of a very popular old number:

ये न होता तो कोई दूसरा गम होना था,
मैं तो वो हूँ, जिसे हर हाल मे बस रोना था...


Understanding The Menace

It is important and mandatory to understand the problem. Is it really depression, or just a climatic or periodical state of affairs?

Clinical depression is very different than the state we envisage in our daily lives.

If you have a normal appetite, are interested and agile in sexual activity and have a normal sleep pattern, then you are definitely not in Depression.

It is yet another bout of ‘lows’ that will soon clear, bringing back the sparkle of life.

Self-assessment of the cause.

What causes this state of mind? Most of the time, depression comes as a package. There is a loss of faith in everything.

Try the Affirmation and Exclusion method.

*I am very happy for my children. They are doing well.
*My spouse is okay. We are intimate, loving and understanding.
*I am very professional and make good money, evident from my ledger, passbooks and investments.
*My friends were nice and helpful.
*My health is perfect; the reports are perfect.
*I have no loans to pay and I am on my own.
*I maintain a decent living in an apartment of my own.

What else am I worried about?
BINGO! … Everything is fine.
The cloud suddenly clears, revealing the sunshine.

Guillotine, The Cause

How can just one person or one situation ruin your life?

Life has to move on and kindle the lights of happiness when the road is dark and bumpy. After all, everyone is fighting a battle.

In silence, feed your heart and mind with a positive note –‘no matter what happens, this moment shall pass — to bring back happiness in your life.

It’s your life and you are the driver at the gas. Nothing should deter you from excelling at pace. Smother the cause that has been dragging you down into the negative emotional gutter, making you feel like a one-sided fool.

Look at yourself and smile. Smile, at the fragile Negative Aura with the self-assurance that you will annihilate it.
You are not being selfish if you think about your betterment and your needs.

Look for an Alternative

Sometimes a gloomy face will require a big spank on the cheeks to bring back the smile. It’s like physical therapy to pull you out. A close confidante can also do honours and help you.

Learn to release troubling emotions.

It is like releasing pent up dirty water from a tank and then refilling it with fresh water. You need to feed the mind with fresh thoughts to get rid of the stale ones that have been tormenting you.

Sometimes, Shock therapy really works — Cry out loud in the washroom confines and wash your face with running cold water.

Reliable confidantes shoulder can provide that solace — Watch a hilarious movie or theatre — listen to Pepe numbers loudly on your music system —  Do something that you have not done for a long time.

Stop brooding about the same thing again and again.

No to Drugs & Intoxication

A Psychiatrist has a kitty of drugs that can hole up your pocket and lead you into a world of uncertainty and ambiguity. You loiter around half dozing in sleep thinking that your depression has been taken care of.

Well, it does help when a person is actually in clinical depression and has bouts of suicidal tendencies.

No amount of intoxication can prevent the mind’s pathetic state. The best medicine is you, and your perception of the problem.

A positive attitude is the best medicine available to pull you out of the crisis of depression.

Nothing else in this world is as important as you.

हमसे ज़माना है,
हम ज़माने से नही…


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