teen talaq or triple talaq are the most devastating ritual in the world

Teen Talaq… The Holistic side of a ritual that has devastated the world.

What marriage or matrimony we are talking of.

The cultural effect that has been ingrained in us since the time we understood the piety of this alliance through our parents, is the dignity and expression of school called marriage.

Marriage in which two people enter after a solemn promise to abide by the social and emotional norms. More than the set rules there is a mutual understanding and respect to carry on life, living together and raising a family.

It is not the question of religion or a particular sect or caste. It’s the matter 0f a perpetual and mutual consent of togetherness.

Teen Talaq… The Holistic side of a ritual that has devastated the world.

A relation which has to last for lifetime and where both the partners have equal contribution, how can one person decide when and how to end it.

Who gives the right to the male to decide when to say adieu to the woman who has given her everything to the family.

A society where a woman has to live in a fear of being thrown out of the house by just the stupid whims of a ramshackle mind of the man. The man who is no more than a Male chauvinistic pig.

Just by uttering the three words, Teen Talaq or even writing on a piece of paper or sending on the choicest social media site.

Talaq… Talaq… Talaq… the man gets the right to admonish the life of the lady.

This is very derogatory and illogical in the society which boasts of landing on Mars.

Kuddos to the administrations who have abolished this heinous barbarism of using the right to decide the life of their female counterpart.

It’s human life we are dealing with. It’s not a used or worn out outfit or shoe that you throw out one fine day to look for a new one.

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