venom of religion. zomato kaand, acid of taboos

The venom of Religion & the Acid of Taboos

I was with some friends for dinner. We settled for a decent restaurant in the vicinity. As we were placing the order  I saw one of waiters rush out of the dining area. This somehow intrigued me as the glimpse made me uncomfortable.
I followed the waiter to the porch outside. In the better illumination I recognized him.
He used to work in my hospital AS A SWEEPER .
I fired him  because of his improper services.

I came back inside without talking to him or even showing him my presence.
To me it really did not matter but probably the boy was uncomfortable to see me.

Our sick mentality and our culture has always taught us to not to accept food from the hands of a Sweeper.
Honestly speaking will anybody ask the sweeper to open the fridge and serve water ?
The irony is NO ONE.
When will this centuries old saga of casteism be burried for good.
People may project as modern, civilized and philanthropic but the irony is that the old cults are still followed in their kitchens and homes.

Talking of the recent ZOMATO ‘kaand’ and the furore raised over a trivial issue has brought the humanity and secularism to shame.
Tell me..
Do we know who grows our vegetables in the fields.
Do we know who milks the cows whose milk we consume.
Do we know the people who cook our culinary delights in the kitchens of restaurants and hotels.

NO, we know nothing.

we don’t even care to know who does that.
But, we have the audacity to object if our food is delivered on our plates by a person who doesn’t fulfill our pseudo cultural standards.

I feel ashamed to be a part of the society which portrays as an educated breed but actually belongs to the Harappan and Mohen jodero era.

A very close relative of mine was infused with the blood of a Muslim . There was a dire emergency and the patient was saved by the 350 ml of LOVE AND ‘BHAI CHARA’.

During my hostel days I was famished for the whole day because of a strike. I was provided food in the late evening by a dhaba that was run by Mohammad mia. In due course I visited that place very often. After 30 years we are  still friends.
Remember the famous dialogue from Amir movie PK. … कौनहू ठप्पा हो तो दिखाओ, कौन मुसलमान है, कौन हिन्दू है ।
It’s high time. We need to get out of this rotting system of bigotry.

Where are we going wrong?
How can we grow if we don’t massacre the ghost of casteism that is still molesting the minds of a particular class?

Such caste sick people will continue belching the filth of their pseudoism for gaining cheap popularity and recognition.
Three cheers to Zomato for giving a befitting answer…..FOOD HAS NO CASTE.

The caste Hyenas will tomorrow leash the air that blows to us from  the nearby colony of Masjids and Madarsas.

Life will elude us some day. But we will still be hanging by the noose of झटका & हलाल .

I expect lots of wisdom from the coming generations. They have to break the shackles and firmly tell their peer to behave in a logical way.
Otherwise the day is not far when we will have a ‘bhagwa’ and ‘green’ flag in every colony and settlement.

GOD SAVE THIS LAND… भगवान कसम,,,,इंशाअल्लाह

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