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Suicide… Death of not one person, but the whole family.

Suicide… The act of intentionally taking one’s own life.

Suicide is surely a crime. A crime which if committed, the culprit cannot be punished.

Then how can it be a crime? Who gets punished eventually?
The criminal is gone, vanished in thin air, leaving behind a rotten body on the dirty table for autopsy.

A horrendous job for the grieved family to take care of the Police aftermath, the property fiascoes etc and a big burden of the suddenly enforced emotional crises.

SO, who is the sufferer?

During my Medical school days I witnessed the horror and the Emotional Atyachaar by  suicides of five boys from my batch.

Failure in love, Fear of exam were the two probable causes for the misery that caused the young souls to depart from the youthful bodies.

I distinctly remember the torment of the mother of one deceased who would not let go the corpse of her only son. This boy killed himself by consuming a high dose of barbiturates because his girlfriend did not comply to his whims.

As far as I know even after good 40 years the boy’s family has not been able to come out of the loss.

Face of one friend often bothers me in my dreams as he was a very close to me.
The person is no more, must be reborn in some remote mountain or dessert but his thought bothers me.
So it’s me who suffers.

Suicide is the outcome of instability of mind which is molested by the belief of a nihilism and gross uncertainty. As if there is nothing left. A spur of moment which if somehow averted, can avoid a major disaster.

I operated upon a young guy from armed forces who tried to kill himself by ripping his wrist with a sharp object over a scuffle with his wife. On the operation table he wept bitterly and pleaded me to save his hand.

The emotion of sudden outrage of anger or extreme pathos is very short-lived. I should say it is  ‘black one hour’ that if somehow postponed, can save the life.

This sudden outrage has lot to do with the personality of the person or even the brought up.


The world doesn’t stop by one’s failures.

I feel that again there is a gross mistake in the parenting, if we talk of the root cause.

Why do we always paint a rosy screen in front of the tender eyes of the child?

Remember the Amitabh Bachchan of movie Trishul where as a kid his poor mother(Waheeda Rehman) makes him  walk bare foot on the gravel. She was rightfully preparing him for the ruthless world that he had to eventually face.

Why do we always teach our child to aim for the best?

True, we do have to create a positive aura around but don’t forget to show the clouds also in the scenery of life.
A good parenting means serving both the achievements and failures in the common plate. Let the child gulp the ‘ karele ki sabzi’ along with ‘paneer butter masala’ and realize that both tastes are equally important for the palate.

The children who see and dream only success in life, no matter how it comes, chicken out at the time of failure.
One big faliure can knock out the psyche and land the person hanging on a rope or swim poorly in the deep waters to land on the shore with an unrecognizable swollen body.

The latest infamous suicide by the big tycoon leaving behind a legacy of enough money and assets( enough to pay back the debt), but not being able to handle the so called emotional instability of the handsome monetary liability.

Jumping from the railings of the mad river waters and frolicking on the sea beach with a distorted torso is not all.
Very rightly commented by another business  Mughal that taking life like this is a slap on the philosophy and very existence of Entrepreneurship.

What kind of breed  are we nurturing?

A man of CCD stature with a battery of employees and outlets just couldn’t handle the trauma of whatever crises he was going through.

This surely is a setback to the the coming up generation who will take backfoot .
They will be intimidated to their skin to not to take responsibility of coming forward with floating companies or nurture start ups.
Everyone idolises superior and successful people and aspire to follow their foot steps.

We have to breed fighters and crusaders , not a poultry farm with chickens who can take dastardly motivated actions.
The success is like a whore, doesn’t stay with one. Moves out very fast from the doors of futile aspirations.
People who think that happiness comes from only success and inflated ego are surely rubbing the wrong side of the coin.
Don’t base happiness on the criteria of self gauging and comparing with the other people around.
Buying success by asking for alms and ‘udhaars’ and loans from money organizations is like sitting on the tip.of the volcano that can explode anytime

Nurturing positive ideals to yourself and your dependents.

Believing in the philosophy that no one knows what I am eating , digesting and shitting in the morning. It’s only me who knows how many 2000rs bills I carry in my wallet.

Display of wealth and  cooked-up achievements is like erecting a palace on the smoke.

Believe in your own abilities and skills.

Spread your legs only to be accommodated in the confines of the  provided quilt.

Happiness is not bought from counter of Big Bazaar. It germinates and flourishes from within.

Money and more money and much more money fetches only misery. Good sleep comes only on a soft mattress of संतोष , not on the stack of pink, green and blue bills.

Shut the windows that oversee the gardens of the neighbours. Plant your own pots of Bougainville that bloom perennial, without water and manure.

Be a good parent. Not by provisions of uncalled treasures and materialism,  but  by creating scarcity so that the child understands the value of money.

The recent suicide has shook the world and put a slap on the aspirations of youngsters. They will surely be confused and astray with their dreams.

If this is the end than is it worth slogging to enter into any kind of entrepreneurship

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