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My City My Love

I was thrilled to know that one of my most favorite city, JAIPUR has been honored with the heritage status by UNESCO. A truly deserved status!

If I am not wrong , AGRA was once considered (very strongly) to get the same status. BUT, What happened? Why is my city rotting? Where did we go wrong?
A city of garbage heaps,a city of water logging, pot holes, a city with pathetic traffic sense, a city with scarce drinking water, a city with poor commuting system..We are still fighting for an airstrip, for a barrage to tame our rotting river, for basic needs.
Is it asking for too much… or,we should start believing that a city which thrives on DEAD PEOPLE ( On a mausoleum).. cannot be a Heritage City . Its a dead city..My heart weeps, I belong to this place,my all loved ones, lived here, my life, my career , my family all took shape here..I hate this decay,
it exudes filthy smell …

Lets get together to fight for the cause..

We are not by The Tajmahal .The Tajmahal should be known by us, by our deeds, by our consciousness.

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