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Strive for Perfection, Don’t die for Perfection!


Strive for Perfection; Don’t die for it.
By unnecessarily striving for perfection in everything, we eventually make life difficult, and likewise, we muster hell in the lives of the people concerned.

Somebody very generously complimented me for my garden … “Doc, your garden is the best. Why can’t you compete in the Annual Horticultural Competition?
I was humbled by the genuine appreciation. But, I know that the garden is definitely not the best … because,

The lawn is loaded with weeds.

The trees are not meticulously pruned.

The pots need help.

The flowers are not of the exotic type.

There are many flaws in the garden. It’s Imperfectly done.

But, do I want  PERFECTION, like the garden of Ms X? She spends loads of money shaping the garden, giving the place a commercial look. Each year, she also manipulates the adjudicators to procure the best garden trophy.

To me, the Garden is a place where you want to relax, walk barefoot on the grass (which you can’t do on the expensive selection grass), have an untouched corner with wild creepers and bushes; Bird nests, Squirrel holes, Chameleon burrows and a few other creepy and crawlies.
Live, and let the life around you survive. Once you start pruning and cleansing, this life will be gone for good.

In short, I want to convey that my Garden is IMPERFECTLY PERFECT. And I love it that way.

Similarly, I have taken my life in an imperfectly perfect way.

What if I don’t shave every day and look like Casanova?
What if I sit in the office in my casuals and not in a suit and tie?
What if my rustic sedan has dirt stains on the panels?
What if my ceiling has a few cracks and webs here and there?

Will it change my life or get me on The Millionaire’s List?

Remember, with imperfections, there is scope for improvement(something we look forward to).

With perfection, we are at the edge of a cliff.

Life is a journey dotted with the garnishing of destiny and our doings. How can anybody get everything PERFECT in life?  … It is impossible.

When everything is not in our hands then why create a ruckus in life?

Live life the way it comes to you. We are not perfectionists.

Live for yourself, instead of pleasing the next door Sharma jee.
I give a hoot when somebody comments on my looks. I may be greying, with sagging cheeks, with crow lines around the sockets, drooping shoulders, and a beautifully sculpted paunch …BUT IT’S ME.

I respect the perfection of ageing that is taking away my youth at the right time.

The other day a distant cousin saw me. He looked at me and said: ” Hey, you have aged, you don’t look young and handsome anymore.”
I was so disgusted at the unwanted and uncouth remark that I did not even offer him a glass of water.
However, he himself looked like a dilapidated building of the Sixteenth Century. But he had the audacity to comment on my ageing youth.

To me, I feel that the breed, which wants just perfection in everything, doesn’t sleep at night. It is afraid to leave a wrinkled bed sheet in the morning.

The other breeds enjoy life to the fullest because they are not afraid of being judged or manipulated.

I don’t preach against perfection. I want to instil that you don’t burn your blood and smother your sleep to achieve perfection.



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