mending the patches, love care

Mending the patches of misunderstandings & misinterpretations


I was sitting on the porch, looking at the sprawling greens of my lush garden, when suddenly a small patch of plaster fell from the overhead roof, near my chair.

Gosh! I was saved. The house that I live in is an ancestral, ethnic building that was built by my grandfather in the early forties.

It’s a treat to live in houses with high ceilings, thick lime walls, arches and domes, but also a pain to maintain. Loads of money goes into the drain mending the patches, day to day repairs, whitewashing and painting the entire building.

Looking at the broken pieces of plaster, my mind jumped to another thought:

Our Relationships

Don’t we need to nurture tender love and care for our relationships?
The older the alliance, the more care is needed to keep mending the patches and small cracks of misunderstandings, misgivings and misinterpretations.

We have to keep giving away everything, to make it look pretty and worth experiencing.

We forget that concrete can be repaired, but a broken heart cannot be rebuilt. Take no time in sealing even a micro leak in the conduits of flowing love. Save every drop of the spill to avoid a puddle of animosity and deceit.

It’s easy to build a new fortress with the gold of showbiz and pseudo expression.

There is the entire world, eager to stretch for a handshake, for gold or power or influence. But such houses are fragile and crumble in no time through even a breeze of ego and arrogance or misfortune.

Whether it’s plaster falls, walls crack or the floor sinks, you have to be careful — Keep repairing and mending the patches of old houses of love.

Your soul lives here.

Old friendships are worth everything, worth every penny you earn.

I got up from my chair, cleared the fallen mess and looked at the patch above me. I counted the years spent in the building and thought that I had done justice in taking care of the Heritage.

I love my house and will keep infusing all my energies and money into repairing the cracks until I am sleeping on that very floor, where I am sipping coffee today.

My old house teaches me the lessons of love and the values of our friendships that we have nurtured and seasoned throughout our lives, going through the harshness of rough weather and our small tiffs and fights.

I love my house and I love my relationships.


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