how to evaluate and nurture your relationships

Evaluating relationships. Why & How to nurture relationships?


Come the month of March and there is an ongoing hustle and bustle to evaluate the accounts, the ledgers, the money manipulation, and the financial transactions that are taking place. We plan for the coming years while taking lessons from previous years.

How about evaluating RELATIONSHIPS at some stage?

It is mandatory to evaluate the speed and direction of our lives and emotional events. It’s also important to understand why and how you can nurture relationships.

Which alliances need our TLC (Tender Love and Care) and what are the associations that just SUCK.

The people around us take our sweet and genuine efforts as their hierarchy. They sit with authentication on their self-proclaimed laurels, as if we can’t do without them.

Someone rightly said, “It’s not good to be arrogant BUT, one should have some attitude.”

There may be a thin line in the divide, but maintaining an attitude is very much required.

Don’t let anyone take you for granted, regardless of whether they are close pals or relatives.

We live our lives. If you have an emotional affiliation or even true love, learn to respect yourself. Nothing is bigger than your SELF.

It’s high time you sat down on your lawn to remove the weeds and unwanted clutter that has been ruining the lush green beauty.

It’s therapeutic to evaluate each and every relationship that has been genetically bestowed or socially and emotionally accepted.

When we can pay handsome amounts to our CA for squandering our hard-earned money, why can’t we just open the gates of our cerebral premise and ponder over our actions?

Do we really need an investment in a so-called relationship that sucks and is not generating any lucrative dividends?

Some preach that love is pure and cannot be compared to money laundering. Don’t we expect a return of our genuine and legitimate efforts?

For once start loving yourself and in that Narcissist mode, look in the mirror and see how nice and positive you are.

You need positivity and only positivity. Throw out the negative vibes for good.

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