I see a bright sunshine in the far Horizon.

A positive breeze touches my soul and makes me smile to my deepest emotion.

The Un certainty, the Enigma , the disbelief and prejudice has suddenly blow away and dispersed as smithereens.

People have proved that nothing is bigger and larger than Love, Brotherhood and Nationalism.

The proxy war of Ego that was fighting an occult battle for centuries, succumbed to the TOLERANCE and AFFECTION of the two major communities of the country.

Everyone bowed with respect at the altar of the Supreme Justice and believed in the ideology and phylosophy of a bench of Five super humans who came out with a scintillating judgement.

The entire nation should give a standing ovation to these Five judges who held the pulse of the 130 crore people and made them confident and humble by a superlative impartial judgement.

This is the biggest win of the Secularism.

The mis-deads, blunders and mishaps of the very distant and recent past have been smartly nullified and people hugged their allies with utmost affection and faith.

This is surely the beginning of a new era.

Hats off to the new generation, the new breed that believes in Growth and Triumph.

They have come out of the ramparts of the Temples and Masjids and have started to respect each other’s relegion and pious beliefs.

  • The Nation that we always dreamt of and believed in, is now showing its colours.
  • We always believed in Peace and Brotherhood.
  • We have sincerely hugged our well wishers and shown our innate warmth.
  • Our silence and patience is our biggest weapon.
  • We are Lions, busy in our chores.
  • We dont intend to harm anyone and love to live peacefully in our world.

If someone tries to out smart our patience, we come alive with the loudest roar and the most lethal pounce.

November the Ninth of 2019, will surely go in the annals and archives of the World History as the JUDGEMENT DAY of the biggest battle . A battle where there were no cannons and bullets but a clash of Egos.

WE WON IT and proved once again to the entire mankind that nothing is larger than mutual love and respect.

Today i actually understand the meaning of our National Anthem…Jana Gana Mana adhinayak jay hey, Bharat Bhagya vidhata.

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