Motherhood is, bearing the baby for nine months, tolerating the excruciating labor pain and then raising the new born.

Well, this is the normal definition of Motherhood.
Where is the Emotional angle to Motherhood.?

The Emotional angle starts from the time, the legitimate Love making takes place and the yearning sperm meets the hungry ova. The conception then grows and thus develops the Love and Emotion in the lady’s heart. She feels proud and complete to mother the seed of communion.

The love grows more as the awaiting motherhood is very fulfilling.

The feeling to hold the new born in the lap and nurture with the divine juices, is unique.

The sleepless nights, wet diapers, the cranky kicks and yells, all nurture love and ultimate affection that only a mother can understand.

SURROGACY…Does it have an emotional angle?

Ova from a lady is fertilized with a sperm in the lab   and the conception or the Embryo is implanted in the uterus of another lady who is probably renting her space to bear the baby.

The man and the woman provide raw material for a dish that has to be cooked in a rented oven.

Another form of Surrogacy is when the wife(who can’t bear baby), hires a woman to receive the Husband’s sperm by artificial insemination and then bear pregnancy.

In any form of Surrogacy, the love and affection for the new born is grossly missing.


The surrogate mother knows that she will be paid for her labour and will hand over the finished product in the lap of the Buyer.

I don’t condemn Surrogacy because it has given light to so many aspiring childless couples.
It’s a triumph of science and Bio engineering that the once impossible is now real.

There are Emotional and Psychological juices that are infused in the growing foetus from the mother that define and designate the personality and nature of the new born.

A baby born of pure love and WANT grows into a persona that may be poles apart from the child, born out of a rented Womb.

Easy motherhood is leading to a threatening change in the social status. Young ladies are looking for vistas to forego the Hassel and pain of child bearing.

They are too busy in their social commitments and career pursuits. The easy way out is to go for SURROGACY. By just shelling out some green paper bills they can have a child and thus complete a family.

Well this provides employment to ladies who are more than willing to grow babies in them.
I dread a society where the mother hood will be a saleable commodity.

The time is not very far when there will be commercial on the media…WOMB FOR SALE… buy one, get one free.

Thank God my country has not legalised it so far.

Law only allows altruistic surrogacy for needy, infertile Indian Couples.


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