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FIVE Proven Ways to Fight FOMO


FOMO is a very stupid feeling … ‘A feeling of being missed out.’

The world seems to have stopped at one particular invitation that has become of utmost importance.
This feeling can actually devastate one’s psyche, leading to a state of worthlessness.

I have suffered from this menace for quite some time during my youthful years. I must admit that on the brighter side of my age, I am still not fully out of that position. But yes, I did work hard to improve my day to day dealings and thought process.
I think, these FIVE WAYS really helped me to get over the nasty situations.

I am a busy person with set priorities. I don’t have time for mundane happenings around me. I shun purposeless gatherings and parties.
I am not talking about being busy or having no business. But actually, I am trying to utilise the free time that is wasted on trivial issues and gossips.


I do have the option of indulging with various people and groups. There is a horde of activities happening around the world, but those are not my forte.
I am sharp in evaluating and picky in opting out of social commitments.
Why should I care about this moronic person, seen holding a “Mike” during every Forum and Function? I will speak only when and where I am heard and comprehended by an intellectual class.


A few months back I received an invite by an amateur poetess to her Poetry book launch function. I happily accepted the offer.

Reaching out, I noticed that I was nobody, among the fifty-odd people gathering. I somehow managed to get a seat in the hall’s corner. My presence was not acknowledged by the concerned lady. I was so disgusted that I left the program midway through the program.
I cursed myself for accepting the frivolous invitation and the lady’s callous behaviour.

You should classify and identify your status and accept invites only when your presence is rightfully acknowledged and you are offered the front sofa to sit on.
There is no harm in showing your class.


Arrogance is bad, but an attitude is therapeutic.
No wonder there is a thin line between the two towering words. But no harm if you step on either side with the change in requirements.
The FOMO is inversely proportional to the Attitude.
Build a strong foundation of Attitude and you will see that your FOMO will melt from the warmth of your persona.

Consider yourself to be a Provider, not a Receiver.
Keep your head high with a stiff collar and assure yourself that the world is because of you, and you are not because of it.


There is nothing in the world more beautiful and attractive than yourself.
Develop the art and inclination to spend more time with yourself.
The day your physical persona falls in love with your true self, the world will become a small place.
I am certainly not preaching Nihilism or Narcissism; I am talking about self-worth and self-adulation.

It took me a while to modulate my life around this self-understood and prophesied notion. But yes, this helped me in a big way.
I am not yet out of the woods but can emphatically say that I can see the end of the road ahead.




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