LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP…Is there a bright side?


Many years ago there was a marriage ceremony in my family.
It was a decent marriage following the religion and the rituals of Janam Patri matching. The boy and the girl were given enough space to communicate, before entering into this life long commitment. Both were reasonably educated and hardcore professionals.

After the post-marriage international honeymooning ordeals and blah blah blah, the hell broke loose.
The girl reportedly complained of the “nasty and obnoxious smell” that exuded from her husband’s body.
The poor guy tried all expensive soaps and deodorants, but the armpits bacteria had a better hold on him than the beautiful wife’s sensuality.

The girl was so reluctant and aggressive that she denounced her willingness to tolerate or be sacrificed every night at the altar of the pungent smell.
I don’t remember on what grounds the divorce was granted.

Where do we stand?

What more can be expected in an arranged marriage, where everything is permissible except physical proximity? But sex isn’t morally allowed before the final wow.

There is a painful catch in the consummation of an Arranged Marriage……

What if the Girl is Frigid and the Boy is Impotent?

What if, on the first night of making love, there is an obscured physical deformity or abnormality that is discovered? — Dr David A. Smith

What if they are gay, and are scared to admit it because of social taboo and peer pressure?

What if their nature is incompatible and they develop mutual hatred but are still forced to live together.? … etc.

Here’s the importance and role of the ‘LIVE IN’ Relationship.

No wonder, The School of Marriage teaches …. Mutual Compromise, Understanding, Patience, Tolerance, Empathy and Unconditional Love. BUT, the new generation of the 21st-century, understands that they have just one life to live.
They don’t want to waste their glorious years on silly compromises when they have a second or third option in choosing a better relationship.
They live with options, like selecting clothes to wear in the Mall’s trial room.

This is harsh. But, why not?

If by sharing a common roof, kitchen and room and by experiencing moments of understanding, intimacy and healthy communication … if a couple gets pleasure and emotional contentment….what is the harm in that?

Virginity is no longer taboo.

In the days of ..’ Four shots of vodka please’..and…’ Made in Heaven’ … etc, what is left to be hidden from the domains of the juvenile minds.?

So why not accept an alliance where the grown-up kids choose to live with the person they are virtually living with?

What’s wrong with that?

Although, nothing can be guaranteed and assured. But still, there is a better chance of healthy living, because you have experienced the ride on the bumpy road.

Where everything is openly happening in our modern society, why not shut your eyes when children opt for a ‘live in’ relationship?
The old taboos and restrictions do not exist anymore.

Hey, I wish I had the wonder car of Steven Spielberg’s classic…’Back to the future … and venture into my past to correct a few things.

Wish !!!!!!!!!!


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