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No one is complete… Am I a complete human being?


No one is complete… It’s a matter of slots that we envisage to fill.

Am I a complete human being?

When I stand in front of the mirror, I see all sorts of flaws. When I look at the weighing scale, ooommmph, so much is to be curtailed. When I look at my past, judging my actions and relationships, I realize that so much was trash and unnecessary.

So, there is nothing to pat my back on… I am incomplete.

No one is actually a complete human being.

We do carry a fairly decent genetic code, but there are crevices, ridges and valleys that need to be filled.

It is neither our parents’ fault nor is it ours. We have to learn to live with these glitches and scourges.

I am not saying that I am diffident about myself, but that I definitely need my mental ditches to be filled.

Some people die with these incomplete slots and are unable to understand the mental void(s) etched in their lives. But should we compromise our scarcity, accept the void with grace and dignity, and die with a myriad of unfulfilled desires?

No. !

I feel that we should try our best to plaster the dents in the edifice and make a monument of our lives, rather than sit in the corner and look at the neighbourhood’s houses.

Speaking specifically of the slots in our lives’ Emotional Architecture, we should keep our minds and hearts open.

We keep meeting people who are as incomplete as we are. They adjust to our lives in an automated natural mode.

It’s a matter of unconditional acceptance of those relationships without becoming judgmental over their negatives. We have to milk out the positive sentiment that fits our demands and commune with ourselves in a deep-seated alliance.

This can happen to anyone, at any stage of life.

This is like collecting the best seashells from the beach and then putting them in our psyche’s curio box.

Happiness is all around us. We just have to open the shutters of our understanding and welcome the scented air that smears our souls.

We are here to fill your slots and try to fill others with true emotions.

Sometimes they get filled up. But mostly we have to make an effort to get them to come through.

Shelve the EGO and rush ahead before it’s too late.


Perfect Human Being


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