Torture of listening to unnecessary talks


“The less you talk, the more you are listened to…”
Pauline Phillips

In my neighbourhood, there is a two -years -old child. The cutest one, after my children, grew up. This child is learning to Speak. His Jargon and Babble (tutlaana) are so cute that I can listen to him for hours.

Mr X is a successful businessman. He has an irritating habit of talking too much. Sitting with him is torture because his monosyllable elocution can stretch for hours, without a break. There is virtually no room for the petty listener to utter a few contributions.

Mr Y and Ms Z are an adorable couple. The calamity falls when one speaks, and the other repeats the same dialogue. They’ll likely want to vent out about the burgeoning matter at the same time.


Listening to a child is a treat. BUT come on, don’t torture anyone like a one- hour lecture. We have had enough lecture-baazi in the school.

EXTRA TALKING shows a lack of confidence and an inferiority complex. The person wants to spill the entire bucket of silly, lazy and irrelevant talk in a single go. Such people think less. Their IQ level may be compromised too.

I have seen people on the phone talking for hours. The actual relevant content is consumed in the first five minutes. What goes afterwards is an overstretched moronic gossip.

LOGORRHOEA is a mental disorder where the person talks more than usual.
This may be a part of the Maniac state, Agitation or anxiousness.
Sure enough, many people suffer from this but don’t correct themselves by seeking out medical help or Practicing Self Control.

When I talk and counsel the patients for hours, I am left exhausted at the end of the day. All I need is quietness and serenity.

When life becomes miserable with (some)Mr Talkative there are ways to overcome the menace, without insulting him.
People who fight every day in the office or bedroom during these ordeals may benefit.

1. Listen Carefully

Try to find out the content and importance of the monologue. Try to evaluate the person’s present mental status. There are unavoidable situations that may affect him temporarily, making him talk excessively. He may be trying to vent his pathos toward his best friend. Take interest and try to sail him out of the stormy waters. You will certainly not get bored, but rather feel accomplished for helping him.

2. Sudden Interruption

Something like…’Rukaawat Kay Liye Khed hai’…
Hold on to your nerves and take the talk to a different level; Trust me; it is not insulting.

Mr X was talking nonstop about his investments and domestic expenditures while having tea in his sprawling garden.
“Where did you buy these Pigmy Palms?” I suddenly asked.
” From the nursery, of course, “…the reply came after a brief pause.
Hurrah! Mission accomplished.
After a brief change over time, the train stopped, and the line shifted from mundane investments to flowers and plants ( I am good at that).
Other times, I tried something different.
“Where is the bhabhi jee?” Can’t see her? “Is she out?”
When THE Bhabhi jee came with a smile, the topic changed to a different level.

That would be like a soft slap to change course.

Try it!

3. Can I Get Coffee?

In a similar situation, when the water is flowing overboard.
“What would you like to have?” Coffee: “It’s cold, hot coffee, which should be ok.”
Again you have succeeded in breaking the flow.
By the time the coffee is ordered and consumed, the talk has shifted from the Family tik-tok to the latest Deepika Padukone movie.

4. Move out of the situation for a bit.

” Can I use the washroom?”.
” Sorry, I have to make an important phone call”.

The trick is to break the cycle again.

However, life is easy when you are being molested on the phone. Right from disconnecting the phone and abusing the network, pretending that you can’t hear anymore, or saying sorry, you have a visitor etc may work as a trick.

Wonder if some invisible ‘blue tooth’ earplugs are available in the market. Play the music of your choice and sit with the biggest conversationalist in the world.


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