THE PHYLOSOPHY OF ABUSES (गाली गलौच).. Is it Physiological OR grossly Pathological… AN ANALYSES.


‘ABUSE’ means overindulgence in something like an addiction that causes a bad effect on the body.

OR, Maltreating and using foul language or words out of anger or cruelty

But, I want to discuss the word Abuse, referred to as a ‘Gaali’ in Hindi ( a foul word).

I studied at an English medium school. My mother used to boast amongst her peer group, “My son is very good and doesn’t ever abuse.”
Well, I listened quietly to this blatant lie silently with my tongue in my cheek, as I knew a couple of good ones (Gaalees). I never dared to spill it in front of anyone. To my mother, even ‘Saala’ was a Gaali.

Then a bombshell exploded. One of my maternal uncles (Mamajee) visited us from Firozabad. His every sentence was decorated with the most obnoxious Gaali in my knowledge …  BC.
I was most uncomfortable as the meaning of the Gaali, BC, straightaway referred to his own sister … my mother.
She tried to stop him … “Bhaisahab Aap Gaali Bahut Dete Ho”.
“Kaun BC Kehta Hai Ki Main Gaali Deta Hoon”, Mamajee replied immediately.

I tried interpreting … ‘ABUSOLOGY’ ( गाली व्याकरण) …


ONE …  who abuse by using a particular set of BC or MKC in their normal conversation, with malice towards none. There is no intention to insult anyone as the words are just a routine dialect or you can say part of the regional vocabulary. Like the Mamajee used.

TWO … Who actually abuse to insult someone and spurt their projectile saliva by showing their wrath and anger. This can result in a fistfight depending on the vigour of the competitor who can do a ‘Shastrarth’ in abusing.

THREE … Abusing someone to take out self frustration. The target may be a deaf character who just happens to irritate or tickle the wrong nerve to get abused. There is no scope of a counter-reaction as the Gaali stays in the closed confines. Like getting frustrated during a chaotic ride, or a relentlessly barking street dog late at night — etc.

The third group is the most interesting.

I wonder about the origin of these abuses.
Who coined the choicest words or phrases that travelled for centuries? Any guesses?

Gaali is a means to express verbal unhappiness or to insult someone for an unwanted action.
To express extreme displeasure or vehemence, the negative words were spoken forcefully with authority, to make the listener understand the anger and feel sorry or meek about the situation.

Wondering how Stone Age people were abused?

However, it intrigues me as to why only the mothers and sisters are coined and pulled in the Gaali. I am yet to hear an abuse based on Father and brother …  suggestions to improve my research are welcome.

My hypotheses say… Only the Human Excretory parts( the organs) are used to formulate the choice stuff. This is like expelling the filth and unwanted stuff on the person’s face for abuse.

In English movies, several times we hear F..k, Mother..f..r,  Ass..le etc. These are part of the routine conversation and honestly speaking, they grossly lack the intensity and propensity of the word. How easy to say F…k!!

Now just try to understand the Hindi translation of each one of them … Sincerely I refrain from writing this.
The Hindi translation of these Gaalis is so self rejuvenating that you realise the actual heat and charisma in uttering and spilling them.
I can only comprehend that Gaali suits our Hindi language.

Of course, the fortification of some of them is beautifully accomplished in the Punjabi language …The choicest and the most ornate ones are found here. Moreover, the pronunciation and diction are mind-boggling and too hilarious.

Imagine Akbar-e-Azam rebuking in urdu ” Lahaul Valla Quwwat Aap Nihayat Hi  Khalaa….d hain”.
Some ‘Vidwaan Pandit’ saying in Sanskrit..” Twam Atyantam Mata.. odum Astum”…

The crux is that Gaali is a very important part of our life.

I know that many of my readers will be giving me the choicest Gaalis for penning down this blatant truth.
Cross your heart and tell me how many times have you not abused the person who overtook you erratically on the busy road.
Or, abused domestic help when he broke your best Chinaware.

Let’s analyse Mental Chemistry ( the chemical Locha) at the time of this verbal explosion of words.

The brain has umpteen neuro centres that get stimulated by sudden gushes of Adrenalin and Noradrenaline when excited. These stimulants actually work on our reaction and counter-reaction in the given situation. When something untoward and unacceptable happens, then depending on the degree and quantum of the insult, these neurotransmitters are released in the blood.
The brain sends signals to the muscles and sensory organs to act accordingly.
The signal goes to the speech centre as well, causing ripples, and hence the unhappiness that expels abuse.

Imagine a man inhaling a fag and not being able to exhale the smoke. He could have collapsed.
Similarly, if the accumulated anger is not vented out…What will happen?

Gaali is a means to smartly exhale the frustrations of the moment as it builds up.
Louder and stronger is the Quality of Gaali; better is the relief  🙂

A woman has openly admitted that she memorised and utilized the choicest Gaalis while travelling in the loathsome Delhi local buses when intentionally rubbed in the wrong place by the passengers.

My father used to call people (including me) “Moorkh”(मूर्ख), when angry. Now the most infamous abuse to this day is ‘Chutiya’. Open the Hindi dictionary and see … ‘Chutiya’ means Moorkh. But since the prefix of the word has CHU… so it becomes the most commonly used Gaali.

Ever since conversations and communication came into being among the Homosapiens, two formats emerged. One of Pleasure and the other of Displeasure. Both emotions have importance in building a personality.

Tonight before hitting the pillow, blurt out your choicest gaali to those who have screwed up your day. See how relieved you feel and how relaxed you can be.

In Japan, there is a company that allows workers to take out their anger in the form of abuse and physical bashing on a rubber dummy. This helps them to vent out the frustration and anger that they envisaged during work. They go home relaxed and smiling.

Sometimes I wonder how do the animals resent. I am sure when a street dog is hit by a man, the poor creature barks and surely says..”Saala Chutiya Aadmi”.


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  1. Sanjay Goyal says:

    Nice research work done…now you have given the cause not to regret after abusing someone as this is necessary to exhale the smoke.
    On the same line there is Bhadas Cafe in Indore, where one can abuse, throw things and even break any thing inside the cabin allotted to him…

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      thanks a lot dear Sanjay for your feedback..

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