power to listen not hear

Power to Listen. Not Hear!


God’s gift to the living is ‘The Power to Hear’.
It’s the divine connection of the ears with the eyes that makes Life Worth Living.

Both work in harmony and connect with each other in most human activities.

“The most important thing in communication is Hearing, what is not said.” … PETER DRUCKER.

True — “the art of conversation lies in Listening.”

What if we were deaf? What if nature was deaf?

Totally unaware of the sounds, the tinkles, the chirps, the hustle and bustle, the hisses and the aahs and oohs.

The hearing is not confined only to the animal world, but even the plants that hear it. They respond to celestial music by growing and glowing in their colours and sheen.

Indoor plants that are exposed to music, show better growth.

We hear thousands of different kinds and decibels of sound throughout the day. Most of the time it is a noise and is unpleasant for us. I wish we had ear filters that could sieve only melodies and fine compositions.

Nature creates the best sounds that can be heard in the solitude of lush green gardens, mountains, springs and bird perches.

Unfortunately, in metro life, all we hear is the rumbling of traffic, chugging of local trains, indecent handling of honks, loudspeaker displays and fanaticism about religion, etc.

But do we ever LISTEN?

Hearing and listening can make a significant difference, a great disparity in a vibrant philosophy.

Difficult though to differentiate in Hindi, where both words mean “sun naa”.

TO HEAR is the sensation that triggers the response of vibration in the internal intricacies of our vestibule and cochlear conglomeration, helping us decipher the syllables of all interludes and notations.

Power To LISTEN, is when the vibrations and the waves travel in a soulful way into the internal wiring system of our emotional brains. It ignites our sensuality and philosophy, thus etching a memory in our conscious minds.

Feel the difference between hearing music and listening to music.

Hearing is physical, and listening is divine. We can listen to SILENCE, but we can’t hear it. When somebody you love and adore talks to you in person, just listen, not merely hear.

This is the art of the orator, preacher and talker and allows the audience or person to hear or listen to him.

When Ms Gupta starts talking, I lose the ability to listen! Most of the time I do not hear her irrelevant speeches or mundane sermons. While she is in the trance of her mundane monologues, I am not actually present there; I am travelling or writing in my thoughts.

Inculcate the power to listen — it’s meditation for the sense organ.

Hearing is like walking in front of the deity, and listening is like meditating on the “dhyana” in front of Him. Hearing is for the masses; listening is for ‘that’ ONE person, one thought, one recitation, and one interlude.

l HAVE, to hear, but, I WANT to listen.

Wish that every noise, stupid conversation, and irrelevant talk IS FILTERED and I just listen to what ‘my being’ wants to grasp and imbibe.

As the famous Hindi verse goes… “सार सार को गहि रहे, थोथा देय उड़ाये “.


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