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FOMO… Fear of Missing Out

I am sure that the bigwigs at the Oxford have hard time in coining new lingo, to be included in their over inflating dictionary. FOMO, ‘the fear of missing out’.

I got this from my daughter while we were in a normal family conversation.

I realize that it is a very understandable and legitimate so called phobia or a fear, to be missed out. As a student in the medical school I remember of my senior getting married. Now, I expected an invite as I thought that I was close to that senior and more so, I was THE Anuj.

The entire college attended the wedding, but me.

In my most sullen moods I blasted off in front of another senior, over our favorite overdose of Old Monk Rum. “I am so unhappy that I was not invited by the f…ing, so and so senior.”

My other friend got offended more at my stupid uncalled misery.

“Anuj, what the hell do you think, you are?”

“Why do you think that you are the Primary Dona to be decorated in every event, whatsoever.”

I was pushed down my ranks with a tight slap on my butt.

Why do we have this notion that we have to be a part of every happening and event whatsoever, around us.

How can we be the prime choice in each of the species selection as postulated by Darwin.

This feeling of being ‘left out’ is an insecurity that surely will find roots in the upbringing childhood.

Single child, brought up in a nuclear family will experience FOMO more than other children, coming from big families.

It is almost like a drowning man trying to hold anything with a grip and not let go.

FOMO can be even worse than the drowning as it gives even worse feeling of insecurity.

There are several things, events happening around us. But do we?, rather Should we? try be included in everything. If not, then, is it worthwhile and appropriate to sulk with the fear of missing out.

I think it’s silly and uncouth.

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