like you hate you the biggest enigma

Like You or Hate You? The Biggest Enigma


Our lives are strongly and emphatically ruled — or rather governed by TWO emotions — Liking and Hating.

Be it a Place, a Situation, a Foodie item, a Person or more specifically a Relationship, we give a one-sided judgement of either liking it or hating it.

To simplify, we can say that Liking is a positive emotion while Hating, of course, feels negative.

In the burgeoning Facebook and other social media culture, we value our Status and Adulation by the number of LIKES we get.
Thank God! Facebook doesn’t have the HATE button (who knows tomorrow they may have).

I hate these Facebook ‘likes’ because I am not sure if the message has really been understood, or if it is just a social gesture to like someone’s post because he liked mine. Likes, moreover, can be purchased to boost market value and acceptance.

The biggest mockery is when the ‘like’ savvy group clicks a ‘like’ on the Obituary post. This is silly and insane.

Like You or Hate You?: The Biggest Enigma

My idea of this hullabaloo is to find a MIDWAY emotional connection between the two. Honestly, we all have that midway emotion too, but we just fail to exemplify it for ourselves.

A situation of — No like, No hate.

Just a balanced emotion. It was an ‘ok, ok’ situation.

In a candid interview, the Bollywood king (Late) Mr Devanand said:

“न सुख है, न दुख है, बस एक शांत सा रुख़ है।” — There is neither happiness, nor unhappiness–just solitude.

I want to bring every emotion I can to the baseline, and enjoy life without passing unilateral adjudication, whether I like it or hate it.

My liking or hating something, anyone, or anything will not change the situation or person. It will only torment or nurture me temporarily. I will be left alone brooding, as to where I went wrong or what good I did.

I want to get up in the morning (calm) like a Koala, walk like an agile Serpent and hog breakfast like a Swine … go to work like a happy Donkey, till I retire in my kennel like a Labrador and sleep after yawning like a pregnant cow.

Please don’t infer that I want an animal life!

Why the hell, should I like or dislike something.

Remember the famous Blockbuster from 007 — Live and Let Die.

Life is short: Stay calm like the Baltic Sea.


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