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HINDUSTAN ZINDA HAI…The spirit , the love survives.

I was recently traveling to the exotic locations of the city of Athens, Greece with my family.

On one of the trips to the mesmerizing location of Acropolis , somebody pinched the small folio from my back pack. ( Although I was initially cautioned about the hooglism and pickpockets).

As the bloody luck would have it , my Passport, money and other documents were gone from my possession.
For the next few moments I was floored and deeply depressed and perplexed in the foreign country with no documents.

The ,trip was neatly planned by my children and we were supposed to sail to Mykonos and then to Santorini the next morning. We could not afford a day of lapse as everything was itenered back to back.
I was told to immediately make a police complaint and then proceed to the Indian Embassy for the duplicate passport.

As the luck was playing a different game , it was a Saturday and the embassy opens on Monday.
Means I was to slog in Athens for next two days torturing my family, losing lot of hard earned Euros  and then proceed with my itenary, if possible.

But my guarding angels had some other plans too.
I took a chance and in the evening when the entire city was rejoicing the Saturday fiesta, I was standing outside the closed gate of the Indian Embassy.
The watch man asked me to come to the office on Monday.
My wet eyes melted a chunk of his professionally rude heart and he gave me the personal phone number of the Consulate.

With trembling hands I dialed the phone.
A soft voice greeted me at the other end.
I must have put all my humility and humbleness, earned as a Doctor in these sixty years of my survival.
I pleaded and almost wept on the phone glorifying my legitimate misery.

The consulate ( I don’t feel the need to mention the name of the gentleman), listened carefully and understanding my situation agreed to come to the embassy in the late hours of the evening to do the needful.
He personally opened the office and greeted me with an assuring smile.
” Don’t worry doctor sahab , we are here to help you”..
It took almost two hours to complete the necessary formalities.

At 9PM I had the duplicate passport in my hand.

When I shook hands with the senior consulate , I felt like touching his feet.

I used to boast of my humility when I do microsurgery on cut hands in late hours of night. I do for a reason , for earning money.

But, this gentleman taught me the lesson of actual humility and self less service.
He gained nothing but my reverence and respect that no money could match.


The moment I entered the premises of the Embassy in Athens , I could feel at home.

My trip continued peacefully and now I am back to India.
I no more care of the loss.
I care for the gain that Mr….. en-showered over me.

for those traveling to Greece remember …you are a soft target. Put your documents and money very very securely in the confines of your wears.
The roving eyes and jugglary fingers of the thieves can ruin you in minutes.

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  1. Kavita jain says:

    Beautifully described your predicament and the lesson learnt… the silver lining to every black cloud in our life.. is I think building relationships and learning from them… I am not a writer.. but understand good writing and the emotions behind them.. loved your article

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Thanks a lot Kavita Jain for your valuable comments. Regards.

  2. Rupa Gupta says:

    The words actually are so pictorial that I could feel the situation . powerful word bank . congrats

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      thanks Rupa for the compliments. Please keep reading and sharing your views. Regards

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