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I was ten years old when I visited my Octogenarian grandfather’s friend. They were about the same age.

‘How are you Ramchandra?’
‘ I am Ok Shree Chand, just pulling along with this old age.’
‘ Oh ok. Can you hear me properly?’
The conversation grew louder.
‘ya, I am hard of hearing’.
‘How are your joints?’
‘Oh, this Arthritis is Killing Me.’
‘Oh, the Cataract is worrying me, I need an operation’ …etc
And in those thirty-odd minutes, all I could gather was a conference about ailments and emotional suffering.
GOSH, what a meeting!

Now there’s the flip side.

When my father turned seventy, I noticed that he had very few friends of his age.
The 25 to 30 age group of young, agile and energetic boys were his friends.
He used to go with them to movies, morning walks, picnics and other events. He had gala times.
The boys mustered love and friendship for a man who was more than their father’s age.
The most amazing part of this youthful alliance was that he maintained a modern and sleek wardrobe. The colours and fashion that I once wore at 40, my father adorned with pleasure, thus living a youthful life, till he bid adieu at 97.

I have friends from all age groups.
But the truth is that I feel more energetic and lively in the mid-thirties group. There is laughter, innocence and virtually no bitchiness. The perspective of life is different. The zeal to do things, to travel and to eat is on a different pedestal. They give a different meaning to my life.

However, in my age group, there is surrender to situations, ailments, “given up” apology status, sighs, complaints, oomph and aaaahs.
I feel like I’m twenty years old in their company.

WITH MALICE TOWARDS NONE, I say that our health and mental status depends on the company and the type of friends we choose to be with … Variety makes life livable and enjoyable.

It’s like eating every day, boiled potatoes dipped in curd with pathetic dry chapati. How boring and stale!

How about trying some Chicken Tikka and Fish fry with a can of chilled beer, at the corner of the street? What fun!
How about trying a shocking pink T-shirt with faded designer Jeans?

How about watching XXX stuff on Netflix and smile with virility and sensuality at the time of ‘Signal down’?

NO HARM, in living the youth when you are Grey and Potbellied with sagging shoulders.
Don’t slave your virtuality in the AGE numbers game.


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