COLD WAR…. The beginning of the end…. Doomed for good.

 “In that Cold war between us, your avoidance of me made me feel like a bomb was dropped inside my territory. You use Silence as a sword to stab inside my heart. Without knowing you and me, it is only between Ego and Friendship.”

Wars are fought with missiles and cannonballs and are won or lost. There is a colossal loss of human lives and livestock as collateral damage to property. Ever since Earth and human life came into being, wars have been fought for land, property and women.

Here I am talking about a more treacherous and painful war, THE COLD WAR.

We all know of the cold war between the two largest nations of the world and the aftermath.

How about the Cold War between Relationships, Friendships and Love Alliances?

Childhood was beautiful and callous. We would do fistfights, do ‘Kuttee’ for days and then shake hands and move on as if nothing had happened. What a life. No baggage, no grudges and a clear and naïve heart.

“What’s life without a Cold war between two friends who used to be like blah blah to Hhmm Hhmm” GEETANJALI

Amit and Aseem were friends from their first year of medical school and decided to be roommate partners in the boy’s hostel. They shared everything from happy moments to unhappy times. The partnership survived a record six years, making it an example of understanding and empathy.

Then something weird happened. For some reason, unknown to this date, Amit and Aseem stopped communicating as they had done earlier. Spending each moment on the premises of the claustrophobic room turned to torture both of them. Finally, one day Aseem moved out with his baggage, and when Amit came back, the room was empty. Years passed, and both became reputed Professionals, but the sweet alliance was lost in the folds of time.

What if they just sat down and talked?

What if they just had a fistfight of words and abuse?

What if there was a mediator that could bring the two souls together?

What if one person undermined his Ego and just hugged the other person apologising unconditionally?

It was all about simple Communication.

Someone rightly quoted, “The distance between two human beings in an ego clash is the greatest distance to travel.”

The two people may be living together or maybe even sharing the same bed but have the glitch of talking out a situation that is clouding the intellect, creating a mental divide. The fresh snow soon becomes a frozen rocky mould of ice that melts no more and brings forth an icy winter of Silence and Negativity.

The worst feeling in the world is when you can’t love anyone else and keep thinking of the person who broke your heart. The nastiest thing is that you can’t even communicate to make that person understand your loneliness. The ice of Stillness freezes all of the passion, and abysses the fire of desire and sensitivity.

Having a place to go is THE HOME.

Having someone to love is a FAMILY.

Having both is a BLESSING.

Having a Cold War with your nearest ally is a CURSE.

Winning the Cold War has been a BOON.


“To succeed in life, you need two things: Ignorance and Confidence.” MARK TWAIN

To succeed in a relationship, you need to IGNORE the insignificant details and mundane explanations. You need to have an everlasting CONFIDENCE of your beliefs.

Develop the unique art of communicating in any COLD WAR like situation, come what may.

There is no harm in throwing the plates, breaking the chinaware, using the fiercest and flowery abuse or even banging one’s head against the wall.


Don’t let anger simmer inside, killing the fire with overpowering asphyxiating smoke.

COLDNESS crumbles the best of chiselled castles of love and affinity.

Better to have a RAGING, FUMING WAR than a COLD WAR.



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