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I am a complete human with all shades and grades of emotions and intellect. Any relationship I delve into has to accept me as a package. I am not a gourmet menu item you can choose for your palate and whims. I can be a serene winter breeze flowing in the hill’s valleys, or the whiff of a blazing fire – a sacred sermon of knowledge or a child with naïve pranks and giggle. It’s for you to take out the best in me. ‘Love me to find me’.


Life is a conglomeration of knowledge, experiences, and judgements. Adventures with relationships bring forth reviews and beliefs, which contribute immensely to our experiences with them. People make decisions about us, and we get affected and prejudiced by them. But in return, our opinions and beliefs also matter, and we influence the people we care about. In short, what we get from people returns the same after fortifying our belief system.

Don’t you endorse that we are all moving in orbit? We continue to change our trajectories according to our needs, urges and moods. We have assigned celestial tracks to our relationships as well. Some are in our adjoining orbit, and some are in our furthermost orbit. All alliances play a significant role in our lives. We are constantly being tested, used, taught and loved by those who rotate in these orbits.

But some directly affect our atmosphere and the stratosphere. We allow them to peep inside us and, after understanding and comprehending our emotional and intellectual geography, bring out the best in us. Such people are rare and exceptional, reminding us why it’s worth it.

I want to be with someone who brings out my best through his love and assurance. That person is in my nearest orbit because he positively affects me without stressing me about his moods and emotional upheavals.

It’s an exciting game of permutations and combinations. When we seek to commune with someone by extracting their best, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.

“You have to discover the purest and pious LOVE in you to extract the same LOVE in me – To get my BEST; you have to give your BEST to me.”

A few years ago, I lost a close friend. I assigned him my closest orbit. We shared a common profession of mutual interests and passions. Life was worth living, so we could sit for hours, holding a glass of single malt and talking and venturing into anything that concerned us. It was like a relationship we never expected to be in. No one was perfect, but we were perfect together. He gave me his best, and I opened my heart to give him my best. We discovered the parts and fragments of our psyche and sentiments we didn’t realize existed. Our ‘DOSTI’ suffered through its quota of arguments and ego hassles – prolonged silence and grouchiness. He always wanted me to take the plunge for a truce. Well, I do it all the time. Unfortunately, my ego took its toll the last time we had a tiff, and I didn’t go to him. A few months later, I lost him for good. He always took out the best in me but left the worst in me as he was destined for an early exit. I MISS HIM.

Was he my soulmate? Well, I think, YES. Persons don’t need to be of the opposite sex to become soulmates. Two males or females can be perfect soulmates and cherish the sanctity of that alliance without prejudice or guilt. Family relationships can become soulmates as well. My mother brought out my best and sculpted me into what I am today – She was, indeed, my Soulmate.

Finding a loving heart that understands and loves your mind is gorgeous. Someone who can undress your conscience and make love to your thoughts. The person can clear all the bricks of your cocoon wall and see you as a liberated soul. Love is, after all, not what two people are – It’s what people become with each other.

Love is not instructing mannerisms, instilling a sense of maturity or making me do what this mundane society expects me to do. I love you because you make me run amuck, climb hills and roofs in a jiffy, take risks, and help me pursue my visions passionately and honestly. That way, you take the best out of me.

I love this quote – “I am amazed by your ability to always find the soft parts in me. You run your fingers through sweet soil in my soul without even knowing. The place where beautiful things grow.”





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  1. Dr Ashok Kumar Ojha says:

    The blog ‘Bring out the best in me- and I love you’ .. is an emotional salutation to describe a thickness of relationship.. As an atom has s, p, d and f orbitals, the energy required to pull out an election is proptional to its position. The farthest an electron is, the easiest or least quantum of energy is required to pull it out in a chemical reaction. Similarly, those friends who are superficially attached with you may not be in a position to extract best out of you..But the closest or nearest to your heart is strongly bonded with you and knows how to take out best in your store.. Teachers are the best soulmates who know how and when you can excel. They will make efforts in that direction accordingly. A coach is aware of your short comings and your strength as well. He will endeavor to grind you to that limit, till the best bursts out.. He is your real well wisher or better to say a real soul mate.. Beautiful and mind boggling narrative dear Anuj..

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      You catch the soul of my topic so well. I am impressed by your take on this blog. However, I would like to say that teachers can be your best guide, not soulmates. Soulmates share a different platform of emotions and sensitivity. Anyhow, I endorse you as I was lucky to have a mother who was my teacher and shared a unique bond. She was indeed my soulmate.
      Thanks for your feedback. Regards.

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