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Those scars, etch marks and impressions… The fantastic power of words.


The Chicxulub crater, in Yucatan Mexico, was caused by the impact of a giant Meteor, scarring the Earth’s face many years ago.

An ASTEROID impacted our planet some 66 million years ago, and the scar was so enormous that there was mass extinction, and Dinosaurs were wiped from the face of the Earth.

SMALLPOX. This dreadful infection in the sixties, scarred people permanently, giving a grotesque mottled appearance to the face.

MARKS OF INJURY: As a micro-surgeon, I have treated several patients for facial scars sustained after a mechanical assault.

UFFFFFFF. . . THESE SCARS! Nothing but scars.

These are pathological impacts that affect Earth, Persona and Faces, incurring permanent damage and causing permanent damage. However, the craters of meteor impressions turned into sweet water lakes, and the facial scars got removed surgically, thus restoring the beauty.


Visual Scars.

Misfortunes sometimes leave a lasting impression. Time does heal wounds, to some extent, but they affect personalities as well.

Hormones like adrenaline, flood the system during an accident and these chemicals make the person feel tired, anxious and depressed. Medically we refer to this as PTSD. ‘Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Sometimes these feelings don’t go away. They just stick deep inside, casting them as permanent mutilation.

Emotional Scars

“He comes from a small town with a low mentality. After all common sense takes a while to grow.” . . . These acidic words poured like molten lava when my [effluent] Aunt spoke to her friend in my reference.

So what if I come from a town with a basic education devoid of pseudo Delhite mannerisms?

Even after forty years, the words still reverberate in my system. I could never pardon my aunt and speak normally until her death. . ME, A SMALL TIMER!. This was etched as a permanent SCAR in my psyche.

WORDS, do HURT. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but WORDS can hurt deeply and profoundly.

WORDS are extremely powerful tools that can uplift or shut down personal energy. They are singularly a commanding force available to Humanity. We can use this force constructively with words of encouragement or destructively using words of despair.

Important conversation skill is the ability to avoid using offensive or hurtful language. Commonly used SLANG words and colloquialisms may be unknowingly offensive.

We come across people who speak–

‘This may hurt you a bit.’ . . . SO? If you know this is going to hurt, keep your mouth shut. Why utter filth to offend?

‘I was joking. It was just a joke!.’ . . . GREAT! Joke for you, and a slap for me! Who is the loser?

‘You won’t understand it!’ [ Aap Samjhe Nahi]’ . . . WAAH! I am a bloody fool and a nerd of the first order that doesn’t understand what His Highness means.

‘We are sensitive people.’ . . . OK! So who are we? An emotionless herd of baboons transported from the Masai Mara jungles.

These people, knowingly or unknowingly insult somebody by showing their pseudo superiority.


WORDS and PHRASES go a long way in deciding the person’s social acceptability. Millions of bucks are spent training people on the art of communication in Personality development classes and forums. Communal viability is crucial in public dealings, jobs, and routine transactions.

Choice of words and appropriate compliments are significant. You can’t be sarcastic or derogatory by any means.

While driving with a local friend on a bumpy road in Boston, I just commented, ‘‘Oh, the road is so bad. My back hurts.”

The host got offended. ‘So you mean that roads in your country are any better.’ was the immediate slap on my face.

I bit my tongue and cursed my social sense. ‘Anuj Kumar, where is your humility and words selection?’

If not praise, never speak negatively about anything; I got my lesson. In the coming two weeks, I made my Phoren friend feel special by appreciating him and his beautiful country.

The SADIST breed.

A Sadist enjoys inflicting pain on others. This is generally used in sexual perversions.

Sadism also exudes by speaking foul words (meant to draw self-pleasure) by insulting someone. Sarcastic remarks, taunts and negative comments also inflict emotional mutilation on the listener.

A friend has a habit of tickling the wrong place. ‘ Chalo Aaj Anuj ko chedtay hain, mazaa ayega jab wo chidhega.’ So, this sadistic character tries to draw pleasure by irritating my funny nerve.


Etch impressions of modesty and warmth while dealing with people. Social norms dissuade and don’t permit you to take off someone’s clothes by pinching the wrong side. It’s better to shut mouth if common sense lacks the vocabulary of genuine compliments or gestures. Big deals are cracked just by the liberal proficiency of language and positivism.

Gestures and Words go hand in hand. We have to understand the person’s social norms before shaking hands.

A Nation’s Premier faced the ire of people and media when he touched the visiting dignitary Queen’s shoulder while receiving her at the tarmac. The Gentleman had to publicly apologize for the misconduct, although a hug was a social gesture of warmth and solidarity.

As we fight the COVID 19 by wearing a mask in self-protection, how about placing an occult mask that may filter the superfluous filthy words, used subconsciously and unintentionally in communication.


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  1. Dr Ashok Kumar Ojha says:

    Vividly described how the scars etched superficially on the skin and some deeply rooted in mind..Any form of scar is painful and leaves an impact on our body and soul..It is our perseverance and approach that help to wean out scars gradually but never completely..Too good..

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Thanks a lot, Ashok Bhai for your views…regards

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