The Showman Cult

This  is a very interesting verse, penned by a close friend of mine (Late) Dr. Arun Misra.

काम न कर
काम का नाम कर,
नाम का ज़िकर कर,
ज़िकर की फ़िकर कर!

I am trying to get used to a ‘neo breed ‘ in the society and ‘my’ circles, who try to show… how busy they are.

  • Not picking up the phone till the  caller dies at the other end.
  • Making their presence at the parties very ‘late’… showing ufffffff how busy the day was.
  • Roaming about in the hospital facility, in OT attire since morning, showing that they were in surgery since they went for their natural call in the morning.
  • Giving appointments and then making the person to wait outside, till he succumbs to dehydration.

etc etc etc…

I am sure, every one can make this list long by their own experience.

Now where are we heading for? Creating a milieu of false and fake persona? Where is this pseudo motive leading to? Why can’t we be true and factual.

What do they think? Can they get away with this forgery? They forget that behind their back  people gossip and make mockery.

Be truthful to people around you and more so be truthful to yourself, your own soul.

किसको बेवकूफ बना रहे हो ?

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