Power of No

The power of ‘NO’… The strength to deny something untoward and unpleasant.


Two words with opposite meanings…YES and NO.

How many times do we speak these words, and go ahead with all kinds of deals, relationships, happenings and heartbreaks?
My mother was a great disciplinarian. There were times when she was silent. So I developed the art of reading her eyes. I knew when it was a Yes and when a No.
The NO was strong and authoritative; I could never muster the courage to contradict her.
On the other hand,  YES was mild and poised.
It takes a lot more energy and authority to say  NO.
If you have a pet at home, you will realise that the canine understands NO.
In the movie PINK, Mr Amitabh Bachchan( a lawyer) emphasizes NO and wins the case for Tapsee Pannu because she said NO to her molester.
That’s the power of saying NO.
Communion performed with consent cannot be challenged in court. But any physical activity that is performed forcefully without consent ( or NO), is considered molestation or rape. Even if the person is a sex worker.

We should learn and teach children the importance and strength of saying  NO.

Child abuse happens because of the ignorance and innocence of slapping a NO to the abuser.

The child has to understand that a mild denial or a morbid NO doesn’t carry any weight. It has to be emphatic and witty.

The young girls have to understand when and where to say NO to the boy’s digging eyes and hands. Like with Black and White, there should be a clear demarcation between Yes and No.

Grey areas confuse personality and statement. This becomes a trait and a persona. Emphasis is placed on conviction and dependability. The next time you say Yes or No, make sure that it’s your decision. Let your intellect decide beforehand. Stick to it. You will feel energized and satisfied. The world will understand your wits.

Ultimately it is about you and your commitments, more towards yourself, than anybody else.
Understand the power of NO.

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    Very well written Dr. Anuj

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