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Who would have thought that one day we will be steered into a world of Social distancing? A society that seems to be relatively unknown and uncanny.


‘Non Touching’ will become a way of life; Handshake and Hug will become a thing of the past inscribed in the National Archives Journals. We will narrate stories to our grandchildren about how people greeted each other.

We will become UNTOUCHABLES.

Thanks to Corona and its mysterious, nonsensical atrocities, we are keeping our paws to ourselves and fearfully brushing by our side.

The most revered and gratifying gestures have become ‘common mishandling’ like abuse.


With due regards to the Hindu culture of NAMASTE. [ A greeting with social distance]. Buddhism, Taoism and Islam [Adaab] also preach the same.

RIG VEDA . . . ‘Namaste’, depicts, ‘The divine within me bows to the same divine within you.’ A sign of respect and gratitude, showing humility and reverence. The mudra also protects the person earnestly performing it. ‘By folding hands together, we keep our energies protected and contained.’

While growing, we have nurtured the culture of saying Namaste to every visitor. The first social teaching was . . . ‘Beta uncle ko namaste bolo.’  I realised that Namaste was a formal way of greeting people that grossly lacked the warmth and personal touch.  When I met someone close, I was hugged with profundity; with a friend, it was a handshake.


Hug and Handshake have Philosophical and Social importance that is accepted to this day. The enormity of a relationship is gaged by the firmness of the Handshake and the warmth of the Hug.[I wonder if it is a Western Culture, but I strongly advocate the gesture.]


The word HUG is believed to come from the word ‘Hugga’, meaning ‘to comfort’ in the old Norse language; first appearing about 450 years ago in Scandinavia.

The word ‘Hegen’ [ German] means to foster or cherish and said initially to enclose with a hedge.

In the Roman Catholic rite of the HOLY MASS, a hug may be substituted for a Kiss or Handshake during the ‘Kiss of Peace’ ritual.

‘We understand and believe that a Hug does what a thousand meaningful words can’t do’. . . ANONYMOUS

Hug someone you love right now because it is guaranteed that you will get the same Hug right back.

“Two hearts wrapped in arms is what they call a Hug.”

Hug acts like an immediate treatment to control one’s anger, loathe or depression.[ The famous, ‘Jadoo ki jhapee’].

Ask two Lovebirds: what Hug means to them. The magic potion melts away doubts, uncertainty and apprehensions, and provides a calming effect on the surging souls. [Imagine two paramours saying Namaste, and dating in a romantic ambience maintaining a social distance . . . hahaha.]

‘A Hug is like a boomerang- you get it back right away.’ . . . BIL KEANE.

Namaste may have a spiritual formula, but the Hug has a scientific and chemical recipe to prove its worth.

OXYTOCIN levels rise when we hug someone. It is associated with happiness and contentment. Oxytocin promotes optimism and self-esteem. Hug works like magic to calm down, and bring tranquillity to mind and heart.

There is a Medical Disorder called ‘ WILLIAM’S SYNDROME.’ Besides other problems, the patients with this condition are over-friendly and over-polite and love to hug everyone, even outsiders. [Gosh! Am I a patient? –  I love to cuddle people – ‘Tera kya Hoga Kalia?’]. How will the poor guys survive on the virus-laden Earth? Should they be deported to a distant planet? How about Mars!

Similarly, the gesticulation of a HANDSHAKE has been sacrificed on the Holy altar of Sir Corona.

The warmth and the steadfastness of the grip; showing confidence, affection and positivity are all lost.

My [Faujee] uncle cracked the bones of the poor hand that tried to find solace in his grip. However, Firm Handshake shows that the person is an Extrovert, open to new experiences and is less Neurotic and Shy.

Handshake is the marker of Friendship between two National Premiers or Sports personnel or Social platforms etcetera.

History of Handshake dates back to 5th Century BC in Greece. It was a symbol of peace, showing that neither person is carrying a weapon. Shaking gesture started in Medieval Europe where the Knights shook hands [up and down movement] in an attempt to shake loose any hidden weapon. . . . Interesting! Isn’t it?

A Handshake resolved the Kindergarten Fights and the College Grievances. I remember the school fight with a female classmate; followed by an enforced handshake, and me not washing hands for two days because I [finally] touched the school’s most beautiful girl.


With malice towards none; I solemnly admit that I prefer to be quarantined or isolated by the blasphemy of damn VIRUS than to be cursed to live with NO HUG or NO HANDSHAKE.

How can I restrain from the magic hug of my Daughter and Son, who just run innocently to enfold me in the confines of their loving outstretched arms?

I HAVE to hug the person I love and the Friendship I adore.

A two-meter distance may probably save my skin from the deadly virus, BUT will undoubtedly massacre the SOUL in me.









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