The Modern Diety

As a kid I remember of going to a temple near my house. The Awdhoot Mandal Temple in Hardiwar. It was a very quaint and peaceful place where even as a kid I would find solace in the cool and clean marble floor in the corner. Just few Deities were kept in the small premises of the temple.

Now, the times have changed. In all these years the temples are no more a place to find mental peace and meditational relaxation.
They are becoming more of picnic spots with eateries, fountains, lush gardens and TOO much of crowd and Halla Gulla.
Where has that peace gone?
I am a God fearing person and at times do want to bow in front of the Diety or sit in a corner to garnish my grey matter with the Hymns, that reach my soul.
But, it is no more there. I have to find a place to bow, before being pushed or hit in the butt by another pious character rubber necking, like me.

The loud chanting on the loud speaker , the enormous filth all around, the fear of losing the chappals at the door step and the biggest fear to protect the pocket from being pinched by a hungry hand.
Well, I just miss my childhood innocent ‘Boondi ka prasad’, on a Tuesday.
Is the religion changing OR our Gods have suddenly changed their stance and want more and more hullabaloo around them.
” ????? ?? ??? ?? ?????”
Then why are we fighting a competition here also in the name of so many different sects and saints and trying to prove our religion to be more powerful by the strength in ‘shobha yatras’, ‘jagratas’ and loud chants steering the solace of the morning and evening calmness.

I think that the Population explosion has hit the Heavens, as well.

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