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My heart is a big playground where my childhood plays regardless of age, wisdom, greed or intellectual achievements. This child gives me a reason to smile even when the winds are adverse and the tide obnoxious. I am doing my best to keep that child alive and kicking. My childhood may be over but not my playtime. ‘NEVER LOSE THE KID IN YOU.’

Have you ever wished to — enter a pillow fight with your child – splash in a roadside water puddle – pull the tail of the sleeping puppy onto your doorstep – slurp the ice candy from a road-side vendor – give a bite on the rosy cheeks of the sweet girl next door? Etcetera.

Is it the age factor that stops you from doing so? NO! It isn’t. But the child inside you caresses your imagination and pleads to commit the prank. I have the wildest dreams and want to do much in life. It is not insane to nurture such thoughts. When you accomplish such a feat, there is a flow of happy hormones of different dimensions.

Don’t you love babbling and giggling with a two-year-old child? Is it because the child is adorable? NO! A sudden surge in your inner baby opens up and implores your heart to communicate in the child’s vocabulary and dialect. Don’t you become a child yourself?

The ‘inner child’ is a part of our subconscious that has been picking messages long before it has matured to understand what is happening. The inner child handles our dreams, memories, emotions, beliefs and hopes.

The concept of the Inner Child was first introduced by CARL JUNG, who observed and revealed his childlike feelings and emotions.

Psychologists hypothesise that human sensitivity, spontaneity, and creativity are credited to the living inner child. We profoundly connect to the source of our internal energy through this child.  It guides and nurtures our emotional upheavals and playfulness. 

Keep the inner child ageless and have a scintillating and virile youth and a healthy middle and old age. Develop the art of being happy for no reason. See a toddler who giggles spontaneously. As adults, we try to find excuses for laughter, not realising that we are approaching trouble because sense can be snatched away.

“A baby is something you carry for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die.”

Some people talk to themselves, regardless of place or situation –‘Soliloquy’. This condition can be self-criticism, self-reinforcement, self-management, or social assessment.  Psychiatrists call it healthy and meaningful.  It is like talking to your inner child. The monologue alerts the child of external mental or emotional unrest. Those who comprehend and engage in this monosyllable dialogue are stress-free and happy.

People who keep their inner child alive and active and communicate it amicably, understand their gut feelings and intuitions. These people won’t let anyone get them down. They maintain their tender and caring nature, come what may, and remain young and robust, using love and goodness as their weapons.


Ways to Nurture Your Inner Child –

*Justify and concede to its presence inside you. The child may sometimes go to sleep – awaken it whenever you need help. It will respond immediately. You lose your inner child when you think, you no longer need it.

*Recollect the happy and playful moments you had as a kid. Place your childhood or your children’s pictures on your office table.

*Practice empathy and kindness. Compassion is the trait of your inner child.

*Communicate with your inner child. Talking to yourself or writing a friendly letter to the child will awaken him.

*Discover your emotional G point and know what incites your sensitivities.

*Be playful and joyful. Do not hesitate to play gully cricket, fly a kite, or Ludo and Saanp Seedhee. The more playful you are, the more you understand your inner child.

Never mess up with your inner child by abusing, neglecting, or emotionally wounding it. The primary source of human misery comes from a battered childhood. Mind you — a messed up inner child can bring the vengeance of pain, suffering, disease, and emotional anguish. Ask the person who beholds a wounded child inside him. His life is bursting with failures, mental lynching, and societal ostracisation.


In my youth, people would ask me, “What do you want to become?” – “I want to be a little boy.” I replied.









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  1. Dr Ashok Kumar Ojha says:

    The blog ‘The child inside me is alive-it giggles’ has been beautifully described.. Nevertheless, the issue is more of a psychological in nature then a subjective one..In our reiki course also , we come across the concept of a child that always remain inside your body. No matter, how old you become.You grow from a toddler to an adolescent, then to a grown up man and finally an old man. As rightly said, at times, we feel like a little boy and want to dance in a rain, splash muddy water in a puddle on our friends or make funny gestures, just to enjoy. An onlooker can easily make out your expression and demeanor of a little boy from a distance when you are splashing water in a puddle.. It is akin to a boy who comes from his school on a rainy day, doing such funny acts and enjoying… At times, during our childhood we used to hit pebbles lying on the road and the same pebble was hit as many times as possible to that extent that the upper part of the shoe’s skin peels off. As we grow old, the same type of feeling crops up. An old man is scared of public criticism. What will others say.. Buddhe ko masti sujh rahi hai.. It is not like that knowingly an old man does such childhood plays. It comes from inside and remains for some time till one gets satisfied.
    We have seen many people talking to themselves.. It’s also due to a child inside your body with whom you would like to connect and converse.
    An inner voice always cautions you before any mishap. It’s nothing else but a child inside your body.. During sleep also, at times, we dream of a place which is very much familiar as if we have been to that place..It is because, a child inside your body remembers that place albeit you may have forgotten.. A child in your self brings feel good hormones which makes you feel happy and healthy. Secretion of such hormones tends an old man or woman to play like a little boy or a girl.. An inherent love and affection towards small children is also due to behavior of a child inside our body.. Beautiful.. The blog has pushed me back to my childhood days, reminiscing past.. Very nice.. Dr Anuj..

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      ‘An inner voice always cautions you before any mishap’ I love this line. As I mentioned our intuition and gut feeling are all related to our inside child.
      I love reading your explanation of the subject. You are too good. Its a pleasure reading you.

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