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THE ART OF BEING A DISCIPLINARIAN…. How much disciplined are we?


DISCIPLINE is a word that we normally use to refer to Schools and Armed Forces.
But, WHY?
Is DISCIPLINE only the forte of a bunch of people?
What about us?
Do we really understand DISCIPLINE, or is it like Leading a Disciplined Life?”

Our body’s physiology is programmed through a strict DISCIPLINED schedule.
We land up in trouble and get sick if this falters even slightly.

Discipline is not to be silent, to put a finger on your lips.
Standing erect in the presence of the superior or boss.
Follow strict traffic rules.

Discipline is not to be shown, but to be Followed and Inculcated in Life.
It should become a part of our personality, and it should be followed in every walk of life. It should rule the daily chores and our reception, perception and reciprocation of each and every activity.

“Did you wash your hands?… Did you brush your teeth?… Did you cut your nails?”
We grew up with such mind-boggling instructions from our parents.

They were right because they were trying to discipline our system and persona. This is good parenting.

But, while growing old, did we inculcate this in our thoughts and deeds OR we just faltered somewhere.

In todays scenario, my heart weeps when my friends, sit down at the Dining table and serve with their unwashed dirty hands.

I hate it.

I am thankful to my Father who instilled strict Discipline in my system when I was growing. He accomplished this with love and affection, instead of force or ‘Dadagiri’.
Breakfast at 8:30 AM, Lunch at 2 PM, Dinner at 8 PM was the rule of the house and strictly followed.

Today, at 60, my childhood training comes in handy and I follow the same norms, despite being professionally busy and caught up, unlike many Doctor friends who have no fixed time to eat.

I remember studying the subject of Moral Science, which taught us the Discipline of Morals, Character and Faith. It certainly helped in building a DISCIPLINED life.
Unfortunately, the subject got scratched out from the curriculum, for unknown reasons.

DISCIPLINE should become a part of the personality. Books are not required to teach the norms. You need to ponder and shake your head to follow them.
INDISCIPLINED life can bring disasters. It may hit hard in later life when you queue at the hospital for blood pressure, joint replacement or even organ transplantation because of an erroneous schedule.

Nature’s indiscipline brings the Flood, the Feminine and the Tsunami.

The best parenting strategy is to accept the norms yourself. The children are strong imitators. They will follow what they see at home. You cannot preach them against smoking if you are smoking yourself.
Don’t force anything on their naive and innocent minds. Make life easy with simple suggestions and recommendations.

By forcing or showing anger, we actually breed resentment and the training goes the negative way. The ego clash takes place. Even a Kindergarten child can display a colourful ego and decide to blatantly disobey.

Properly imparted knowledge will deep-root the children’s psyche and will stay with them throughout life. They will pass it on to their children and so on.

DISCIPLINE beautifies life, enhances perception, boosts completeness and creates ornate personalities.

Make it a routine and habit, and see how your style and body language changes.
It’s like watching a group of tough and young soldiers marching in unison.
Remember the thrill you get in watching every step and hand move like a song in perfect harmony.



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  1. Prasanna kumar T R says:

    Marvellous sir, it is 100% true, we hv to follow and inculcate the discipline

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      thanks a lot dear.

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