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SUCCESSFUL & UNSUCCESSFUL.. Abstract words and illusions in our vocabulary


While going through the school grade scales, we knew of only two words … PASS and FAIL.

For a higher class promotion, one had to pass a test to get in. The one who Failed continued in the same class.

Did we ever use the words Successful and Unsuccessful?

We never say that  X was successful in the exam, or Y was unsuccessful.

A similar process continued after we took the Entrance Examination for Professional Courses.

But while facing life’s realities, the words SUCCESSFUL and UNSUCCESSFUL are propped up.

These two words are the most misleading and distracting:

One person can be ‘both’ at the same time.
Mr Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in Asia. He is a successful businessman. But since he is not the richest man in the world, does that make him unsuccessful?

Two things together? … It’s a cliche.


It is the perception of an individual as being Successful or Unsuccessful.
Who decides?
Thirty-five years of putting in a professional pursuit, who and what will decide whether I am Successful or Unsuccessful in life?
What are the criteria and by the way who sets the standards?
Am I Successful because I ride a Sedan (as my domestic help would think)…OR I am Unsuccessful because I don’t own a BMW ( As my next-door rich businessman thinks).

A rickshaw puller is successful because he made Rs.200 in one day, while Mr X was unsuccessful because he couldn’t crack the million-dollar deal in one day.

The philosophy of this Hullabaloo is that we should not ‘ROT’ in this ‘RUT’.

Teach your children to stay away from this silly whirlpool.
There is no summit to conquer or the mantle to prove to be a successful man.
Losing some pedestal or position in your career doesn’t label you as Unsuccessful.

Success is a superfluous and misleading notion. Within minutes it can pull you down as unsuccessful.
To put it the right way, these are two parallel lines that go together in our lives.
Who will give me a Nobel Prize when I successfully Re-implant a patient’s amputated hand …and who would jail me for being Unsuccessful with another patient.

It’s my personal curse and adulation that I accomplish with a glass of single malt when my Mind is open and the Heart is receptive.


I see a very thin line between the two.

So, in the future, don’t sulk when you are unsuccessful in achieving something because within minutes the scenario can be changed to Successful.

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