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The human mind is webbed with all kinds of noise and disturbances. They affect the psyche and emotions resulting in distress and mental agony. The challenge is to survive the noise and extract the correct signal or melody that soothes the mental acumen and heart rhythm. Aren’t some relationships noisy and irritating to our lives? The endeavour should be to excerpt the best from such alliances.

The present generation can’t fathom how fascinating it was to tune in to the radio ‘Vividh Bharati’ or ‘Binaca Geetmala’ in the fifties and sixties. From amidst the annoying and mentally bothersome electromagnetic disturbances in the radio sets, it was a gruelling task to get the correct SIGNAL to catch these programmes. In fact, I punched my radio set in frustration as I could not listen to the ongoing cricket commentary properly. There was noise, an unbearable clatter.

We have to learn to segregate the correct Signals from the distressing Noise. We need scientific insight, profound self-awakening, and self-knowledge to distinguish the signs.


SIGNAL is the abiding truth that we need to comprehend.

NOISE is the distraction and mental commotion that drifts us away from the truth.

We should meditate to accept our inability to predict the unknown and inculcate courage to accept the unexpected. The biggest challenge is to understand the difference – the correct Signal.

We live amongst millions of people of all castes and creeds. Don’t they create intolerable NOISE by exuding all sorts of raucous decibels? But, sure enough, some people radiate positive and soothing vibes or, to put it more simply, viable signals. They connect on a different pedestal. The art and trick are to comprehend the Signals and sense the emotional vibes that may be the commencement of a passionate and long-lasting alliance.

Overtalkative people who portray themselves as knowing anything and everything about everything and chattering non-stop, also utter some sensible things during their monologue. Now it is the poor listener’s smartness to shield his psyche from the onslaught of verbal torture and fish out valuable details or Signals.

“Signals always come with Noise. It is the endeavour to separate the two that make the subject interesting.’

Our lives are nothing but PATTERNS of events, deeds and destiny. We breathe data-rich air to survive the kindness and atrocities of the environment. It depends on what we want to achieve. Are we just a bunch of mediocre gamblers playing on our stakes? The intelligence determines whether the patterns that we survive represent NOISE or a SIGNAL.


The Cerebrum has the power to apply logic and cognition to extract the correct Signal from the noisy literature, art and culture, scientific hullabaloo, overwhelming media and cyberspace.

The Heart has the strength to understand and fathom the emotional vibes and sensitive signals from loud and overbearing relationships and Love. A Signal always points to something. Thus, a signal is not a thing but a relationship.

However, Love says that accept the Noise as much as you accept the vibrant vibes or gestures because God loves both profoundly and tangibly. Well, this is an altogether different philosophy.


Remember Manoj Kumar’s old-time Bollywood hit – “SHOR”? Other than the physical ‘Shor’ emitting from a myriad of external sources, there is an even more tangible ‘Shor’ inside us. The NOISE of our thoughts, our emotions, our guilts, our relationships, our deeds and our misdeeds. This overpowering Noise screws up our mental peace and jeopardizes our sleep and work. The mind is at work constantly, experiencing stress and frustration. The raucous mind suffers from nothing but Noise in everything.

“Goli Maar Bheje Mein – Bheja Shor Karta Hai.”

In these noisy and pissed minds, the only respite is MEDITATION and self-contemplation to extract the Signal that can provide solace like sprinkling cold water on an inferno.

When too many questions sledgehammer, the mind and the answers become far-fetched commodities — a Signal acts as a bridge that links understanding and knowledge to the anguished intellect.

Life is a journey, like walking along a beautiful road. There is traffic noise, accidents and an array of Signals. By understanding the correct Signals, we make our lives more accessible and more comfortable.

In relationships, the heart works as a navigator and gives proper Signals at the precise junctures, crossings and turns. While switching over the lanes and by-lanes of relationships, do not forget to look at and comprehend the Signals. No wonder the world is noisy and messy. We need to deal with Noise and uncertainty and find the Signal that brings us happiness.

How about a Noise that is amazingly soothing and mentally comforting? Surprised? Well, I’m talking about ‘PINK NOISE.’

Pink Noise is a peaceful ambient sound often played in the background to drown out and quash the surrounding unwanted clutter and chirps.

Like the –

* Light musical syllables in an exotic restaurant, smothering the unwanted tones and overtones of laughter and chattering.

* Crashing waves on a beach.

* Rustling of leaves in the breeze.

* Falling of rain droplets. . . and so on.


Pink Noise offers the best Signal and benefits by inducing sleep, like a lullaby. It prolongs sleep by blocking out the outside Noise. Try studying while playing a soft George Winston Piano melody; your memory will improve.

True Love is like Pink Noise. It soothes and takes you on a journey of contentment and fulfilment. It segregates you from the mundane Noise of unnecessary relationships. The trick is once again to comprehend the correct Signal and the vibe.


“Work hard to conquer in silence – let your success make the noise.”


NAPOLEAN BONAPARTE, correctly quoted – “Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent.”








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    Too good.

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      thank you so much dear.

  2. Anil kumar gupta says:

    बहुत सुंदर

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      thanks dear

  3. Rajdeep says:

    Awesome article..

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      thanks a lot

  4. Dr Ashok Kumar Ojha says:

    The blog “Segregate the signal from the distressing noise..Kindle your intellect ” has been nicely conceived and aptly scripted illustrating the very significance of how to segregate a signal from the distressing noise..In fact, having worked in an upstream Oil company for decades around deafening sounds of continuously running Gen sets and pumps,the signal of preventive care was not visualised.Nevertheless, destiny has its own way to instruct and guide… The moment I headed Health, Safety and Environment division, control and prevention of high decibels sound was on top agenda.Infact over exposure to high decibels may lead to permanent deafness.Priodical check ups of employees illustrated how deep the menace has crept in.
    An interesting ancdote reminisce me at this moment.Your Mom and our respected Madam Gupta used to advise me oftenly to listen radio at lower sound.She must have noticed it while climbing up stairs near my residence.Her advice was like a signal to me..Noise not only distracts attention towards studies but may be harmful to the body in the long run.Similarly there are friends and relatives who would always try to assert their views with shrieking voice..Views can be submitted by polite and soft tone in a crispy manner also.As per quote of Napoleon ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent is suitable and aptly illustrates your views.Too good Dr Anuj..

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Hello Ashok Bhai. Missed your wonderful comments all these days.
      Noise is one thing that has always intrigued me. The funny part is that I love to listen to music on very high decibels but hate people who talk loudly. I hate chaotic noise around me, be it in restaurants, hospitals, or elsewhere. I love silence and calmness.
      My blog is more about the noisy relationships that create ruckus in our lives. The alliances that give calmness to our souls are long-lasting and worthy.
      You are right about my mom. She hated people who listened to the radio loudly, including me :))
      thanks for your input. Please keep doing so.

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