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Preserve those ‘extra pounds’, for the bad days

Those extra ‘few’ pounds that stick to your belly or hips or thighs are the magic reserves….don’t waste your hard earned money to melt those extra pounds of fat ,in the heat of the exotic gyms and superfluous trainers.
After attaining 50, when you are prone to all kinds of infections and diseases…remember that it’s easy to lose
…but…,very difficult to regain that extra pound. A small mishap, a stupid ailment, a funny operation may knock
you out for days and weeks…then…what comes in handy???
Those extra kilos of fat, melt to suffice the body needs when you are on IV line , with million tablets to gulp and
trillion shots to take in the marasmic butt…with legs hanging on a splint and nurse cleaning your shit….a
plastic catheter sticking out of your delicate organ to make you pee in a plastic bag.
REMEMBER….. the glow on the face is because of the fat you consume and once it is gone..the face ages by twenty
odd years and never recovers the original sheen.
So don’t worry and be happy..Lead an active life… perform sex frequently to make your system agile and active…
Screw the people who preach you to lose that golden paunch or side tyres…. they are like your Fixed Bank
Deposits…handy in bad times…

Of course.. DON’T GET OBESE or DIABETES…..

But….admire your bulges in your nude galore, in the king size mirror and appreciate them, fidle with those
projections ,as you do while looking in your inflated bank passbook….

I preach this because , recently I lost 4 kgs of extra weight after an ailment., I am cool..
Imagine what would have been to my Figure Adonis, if I was at the baseline of my weight chart, before the good dam surgery……I would have been on a wheel chair.
So don’t forget to gulp that chilled stuff in the chill tray with a sumptuous meal of veggie or fleshy
cuisine…live for the day…
Before going to bed , do feel that extra fat sticking to your magic figure…that is your ASSET…. love
it..rejoice it…
AND…do not hesitate in sticking out your middle finger in the honors of the character who calls you FAT.

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