Life & Love

Old is Gold

It’s OK if you are 80 year old
It’s perfectly fine with me , if your plaster gives way, walls corrode with moisture, or the roof leaks with the torrential precipitation.
It’s acceptable that I have to spend a fortune in painting you, in maintaining your ages old architecture.
I accept it all.
How can I just curse you, or stop taking care of you , or even think of razing you down, or sell you to a land mafiosi to shatter you to smithereens.

MY old house, I love you.

On your floor my two children learnt to walk, grew to become adults.
On your floor my Late mother and father lay, while on their final journey.
You are in my system. You survive in my passion, in my emotions.
I am today because of you. I want to die in your premise, in your own lap.

YOU have taught me how to maintain love and relationships.
You have silently preached me, that no matter what negative happens in relationships, keep nurturing them with love and care. Don’t abundant them in search of new abode.
Everything needs periodical maintenance and repair.
After all,

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