neo purdah system culture

The Neo – Purdah System Cult

Go around the city, anytime of the day and you will surely come across young girls in twenties or may be early thirties, riding two wheeler as the driver or pillion, with a funny looking scarf wrap around, the neo, purdah system, cult.

Now, I feel that, this ‘purdah’ is to protect the delicate skin of the face from the sun burn. Other than the eyes, nothing is visible from head to the torso, with this wrap.

Well, that’s alright.

Everyone has a right to look beautiful and protect the sheen and glow of the face from the scorching ultraviolet rays of the Sun.

There is the catch.

I was driving home , in the late evening when there was twilight and I saw a pair of two wheelers, driven by two smart hunks and the pillion were two girls with scarf wrap around, very conveniently hiding their persona.
‘?? ???? ?? ??? ???’

Shouldn’t there be a law or rule to get rid of these totally unsocial and risky concotions

In the name of law, guy wears a huge helmet and his girlfriend wears the scarf wrap around and they fool around the city, speeding on their mobikes, befooling people and their own?

What kind of purdah system is this?

What are these girls doing? Making a fun of the norms!

It’s high time, that the Police takes active action against this social menace, otherwise a catastrophe is not far away.

(My due regards to the actual purdah system, followed on religious grounds).

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