#metoo are we confused, metoo

MeToo… Are we confusing?

It seems to be a state of emergency. MeToo. There is so much pandemonium and utter confusion over the issue of sexual abuse, assault, insult, harassment etc. as many synonyms you can fish out in the Oxford.

Who defines, when a social gesture done in the most couth and refined way will be labelled as absolutely gentle or will be taken as an insult or fabricated harassment.

I think that the so called line is too thin and murky. Its very vague and unclear.

I go to a social event and respectfully and gracefully hug a person, male or female, with a clean intention and get rebuked because I am at the mercy of the moods of that particular person, at that time.

My absolutely permissible social gesture may become the abuse of the first order because the benifitter is in a different psychic state.

A society where the man and woman follow strict so called purdaah system, my such social gesture may be questionable but a society where page 3 figures are drooling in their crazy persona and cajoling, touching everyone with no reservations or censorship; Who will draw the line?

Mind you this Hullabaloo has come from the fragment which has made its own rules and regulations. MeToo…

There have to be guidelines:

If kissing socially… what should be the site and permissible gesture.
If hugging… what should be the level of hug and pressure incurred, during the act.
If touching… what should be the touch level and places in the body where touch is allowed.
If looking at someone… what should be the expression on face and grimace of the eye ball.

etc etc…

Please lay down strict guidelines and let them be circulated in media and be a part of the curriculum in schools and colleges. Let everyone know about it.


Let everyone put his or her hands in the pockets or lock them on the chest and move around with a plastic smile and lifeless eye balls, least you fall prey to the emotional outrage of a person who is in a weird predicament, making you the bait of the social atrocity, for no fault of yours.


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