Acceptance In Life


Acceptance is an agreement to take something that somebody offers you, or agree to certain situations and emotional states with affirmation.

A judgmental mind that evaluates everything logistically lacks keen observation in life. It falters at understanding the happenings, whether right or wrong, good or bad.

The harshest and most important lesson that life teaches us is to accept what comes next. In constantly changing life patterns, the first step is Awareness, followed by Acceptance.

acceptance in life

Ashwin suffered a shifting and excruciating pain in his tummy for some time. Doctors advised him to undergo periodic check-ups suspecting an occult malignancy sitting somewhere in the abdomen. Ashwin had a hard time when the results of the routine investigations arrived each month. There were anxiety-filled sleepless nights imagining the worst. Life was miserable, socially disconsolate and fraught with uncertainty and emotional ambiguity about the unforeseen. Finally, Ashwin underwent a biopsy that confirmed Adenocarcinoma of the Intestine, a dreadful form of Cancer.

The Awareness shifted to Acceptance. Suddenly the obscure and foggy horizon turned to truth and factuality, making the picture loud and clear. The Black Cobra was mocking Ashwin. All he had to do was admit the reptile’s presence and kill it with a stick of strong Mental Affirmation and Acceptance. Acceptance of eventual death rendered Ashwin most at stake for the coming years – living life happily, as it should be lived. LIVING FOR THE MOMENT. Mental chivalry and emotional boldness led to Acceptance. A positive attitude came into the foreplay, and Ashwin started facing the worst with a solid assertion – A WILL TO KILL THE POISON.


There are scientific facts to prove that a Positive Attitude can cure the worst of ailments and disorders – “The power of the subconscious mind” — The famous book by DR JOSEPH MURPHY.


It is imperative to accept the dark halo you live in, that is when you toil to spring to grow in the light. Don’t try to comprehend everything about the origin and existence of the darkness—sometimes, it is not meant to be understood, but to be ACCEPTED. Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is Picture-Perfect and socially flawless – it means that you have decided to live beyond your imperfections and have joyously accepted the truth. You confuse yourself by expecting someone to complete you. The fact is that there should be someone who will accept you completely.

acceptance in life

Acceptance provides the key to dealing with societal hullabaloo. The more we get used to people’s behaviour and deceit and accept the eventual betrayal and professional arrogance, the more content and happy we will become.

Emotional and loving relationships pose the biggest challenge to Acceptance. Life is short, so is uncertainty in relationships. To accept the initial thrill and then decline from any kind of relationship as inevitability leaves less filth when the love storm passes.

People who have dared to come out of the closet have built a fortress of Acceptance. The strength of their Acceptance has compelled people and the world to accept their preferences and choices. The initial kickbacks are harsh and painful – but approval at a later stage has a balming effect on the relationship.

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others – Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others approval – Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her”. LAO TZU.


People waste a significant chunk of their lives denying the situations, relationships and people around them.

The time wasted must be utilized in nurturing an Awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses 


Virtuous self-awareness is the approval of who you are – a question that has to be answered from within, without any conditions or exemptions. The purest form of Love dawns with this knowledge. Bad childhood experiences tarnish one’s attitude and aptitude and lower self-esteem, thus powerfully affecting self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance can be categorized into –

*Self-approval – to affirm action and logic.

*Self-affection – to love what you are.

*Self-kindness –be liberal in your activities and passions.

*Self- Love – to respect and lure your emotions and desires.

*Self-recognition –recognizing your aptitude and intellect.

*Self-Courage – to have the courage to accept oneself, despite being unacceptable to others.

* Self-confidence – to deny being exploited and diminish yourself.


With complete Acceptance comes tranquillity and salvation. So, accept it, then act. The present moment should be gratefully received not as a compulsion but rather as a deliberate choice. Try to work with it – never contradict it. A miraculous life’s transformation is sure to follow.

Acceptance of the reality of your being, existence and circumstances bestow upon you space to focus on what you want to attract and logically charm.

 “What you resist, persists – What you accept . . . transforms.”


“Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance.” GAUTAM BUDDHA.




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  1. Dr Ashok Kumar Ojha says:

    The blog” Life is about the acceptance..The sooner we accept the faster we get free” has been nicely explained and illustrated..It is an inherent character in our nature to push the hostile situations and scenarios as long as possible,unless it becomes inevitable.. It is seen in case of Ashwin, who was been suffering from dreaded cancer. The moment he came to know about the dreadful form of the disease, his whole mind changed.His positive approach made him stronger and acceptance to the disease enthused him to fight the dreaded disease.In our day to day life also we come across different challenges.We embark on to cosy paths just to keep on pushing such situations or challenges, till they are pushed to the wall..Had we resorted to accept the reality at an early stage, we would have put our best foot forward to face the challenge or the situation we are scared of. अर्ज़ है फानूस बन के जिसकी हिफाज़त हवा करे। वो शमा किया बुझे जिसे रोशन खुदा करे।If you accept the truth, you become free from all the shackles।। मुश्किलें दिल के इरादें आजमाती हैं। स्वप्न के पर्दे, निगाहों से हटाती हैं। हो सलामत हार गिर कर ओ मुसाफ़िर , ठोकरें इंसान को चलना सिखातीं हैं।
    Too good अनुज।।Nicely scripted।

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Dear Ashok Bhai, you analyse my subjects so well. I thoroughly appreciate the apt verses you have put in your comments. Life is nothing but accepting the challenges with a smile on your face. It may look like a cliche– but it is not. We all have our quota of miseries and are suffering them with assertion and a positive attitude.

  2. Asha kumar rastogi says:

    Accepted quite happily, thanks a lot for the beautiful article…!😊

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      thanks a lot, bro for the compliments.

  3. Hi Doctor,
    I like your post decorated with beautiful illustrations.
    “Bad childhood experiences tarnish one’s attitude and aptitude and lower self-esteem, thus powerfully affecting self-acceptance.”
    It is so sad that we remain confused and unhappy even as adults.
    Tell me one thing …if someone keeps his money with me for a time period and later I give it back to him, will you say I have donated that money. No, it didn’t belong to me anyway, it was his and he gets it. Same is here , we are in reality atma and do not belong to this world. We are playing the role of Arjun, never give up always do the right as the situation and our capacity demands. We are here to do for others only because in true sense we cannot do anything for self. Simply because self does not belong to this world. Self is always in delight or Anand. So keeping in mind our hindu philosophy, why should we accept anything from this world.
    If some demon terrifies a naive child it by his deeds , why should the child label himself adversely. All he should do is read our beautiful Hindu philosophy..
    From Anand,” says the Taittiriya Upnishad, “all existences are born, by Anand they remain in being and increase, to Anand they depart.” Meaning….
    Delight is existence, Delight is the secret of creation, Delight is the root of birth, Delight is the cause of remaining in existence, Delight is the end of birth and that into which creation ceases.
    Knowledge or realization of self (Atmavijnana) is considered as one of the preventive measures of exogenous and endogenous disease.
    These following statements bring so much confusion to me
    To accept the initial thrill and then decline from any kind of relationship as inevitability leaves less filth when the love storm passes.
    “What you resist, persists – What you accept . . . transforms.”
    Will it not be better to believe –Yahin ka hai yahin rehne do.
    Honestly I do not disregard your logic , but I wanted to put forth my opinion .
    Regards RG

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Hey RG
      I wish that my readers do read your comments and your ideology. I am spellbound at your knowledge and examples from Gita. I had to read your views many times to understand the zest. You are right — Yahin Ka Hai, Yahin Rehane Do.
      Wish someday I get the opportunity and the honour to sit with you visa vis and get the GYAN you have on life. Hope that day comes soon friend. Sure enough — Delight is existence, the secret of creation, the root of birth and …..

  4. Hi Doctor
    I do not have any gyan, just broke down the simple emotion of getting depressed. We are happy beings and must always remain so. I saw Kashmir Files and was already heavy in my heart. Then read your beautiful post, could catch what you were conveying. That is all.
    regards RG

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      RG, I admire your philosophy about life and being happy.
      thanks, friend.

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