LGBTQ, The beginning of a new era. Brilliance in the Horizon

LGBTQ, The beginning of a new era. Brilliance in the Horizon

Humans are born with unfocused sexual libidinal desires. Homosexuality is just a deviation from this. . . Homosexuality is not an illness or a neurotic conflict.

Sigmund Freud.

A child is born with a neutral sexuality. The realization of the male and female differentiation comes as the social obligations grow, and the child discovers on its own. But that also waits till the commencement of puberty when the distinction starts. Inquisitiveness is the trait of a growing child, and he wants to learn everything and anything.

Then it’s a matter of personal choice and selection that the individual decides how to get sexual gratification. Easy availability and approach make the selection easy and less complicated.

Hence, Homosexuality comes into being.

Homosexuality is nothing to be ashamed of, no vice, no degradation; it cannot be classified as an illness; we consider it to be a variation of the sexual function, produced by a certain arrest of sexual development.

Plato, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci were Homosexuals. Their sexual choices did not hamper their cultural pursuits, and they became legends in their profession.

Sigmund Freud’s daughter was a Lesbian. She enjoyed 54 years of happy monogamy with another female celebrity.

Since the advent of humans, Homosexuality has been prevalent but treated as a social taboo. It has always been looked down by the pundits as a crime and psychological disease.

There is no medicine to treat so-called mental perversion or disorder.

Psychoanalysis may be, however of some help. If the individual is unhappy, neurotic, torn by conflicts, inhibitions in his social life – then psychoanalysis may bring Harmony, peace of mind, full efficiency, whether he remains homosexual or gets changed.

The advent of LGBT COMMUNITY. [ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender]

LGBT history dates back to the first recorded instances of same-sex love and sexuality of ancient civilisations in all parts of the world. Legitimate data is available in the Egyptian, Indus valley, Chinese, Roman and Greek civilisations openly talking of the Homosexuality and Lesbianism. The Emperors, Kings and even the religious buffs, around the globe, have indulged gleefully in these traits and preferences. Mughal harems had transgender people[ Eunuchs] to accomplish the ordeal.

The LGBT rights movement took roots in the Stonewall Inn in the gay village of Greenwich Village, Manhattan on June 28, 1969.

Before raising a finger or an eyebrow, it is utmost important to understand the philosophy behind this sexual selection.

Society has to understand, like a choice to be a vegetarian, non-vegetarian or Vegan; what is the issue if an individual decides to have [personal] sexual preferences. What harm is the individual incurring to society by becoming a HOMOSEXUAL?

If we look at the larger picture, then the most heinous crime in today’s world is because of HETEROSEXUALITY. The RAPES, the ME TOOs, the social exploitation and abuse, comes from the opposite sex urges and perversions, in different formats and classes.

LGBT is a community of people who have romantic, sexual or affectional desires for people of all gender and sexes.

It is a strong community with more than 250 million people around the globe with a common culture and social movements. They are trying to counterbalance Hetero-sexism, Homophobia, Bi-phobia, Trans-phobia and conformist pressure in the society.

The community comprises of Gay villages, organisations, employer groups at companies, student groups in schools, colleges and universities and LGBT reaffirming religious groups.

They collectively fight for civil rights around the globe.

LGBT Symbols.

“L” Lambda, the Greek symbol represents the essence of the movement of the community LIBERATION.

Various other forms of representation like Triangles of Black, Pink and Yellow colour denote the principles of the community. They have been frequently used over a period of time.

RAINBOW represents the soul of the community.

Rainbow flags adorn the commune with a decent message for the rest of the world.

RED – Life, ORANGE- Healing, YELLOW- Sun, GREEN- Nature, BLUE- Art, INDIGO- Harmony, VIOLET- Spirit and PINK- Sexuality. [ Pink and Indigo were removed later].

This conveys a powerful message of belief and authority to the world. They are people close to Nature, Love, Art and culture. Sun is the source of energy to their Spirit, Sexuality and Harmony.

Art and Creativity is a strong forte of the community. Prominent artist, fashion designers, movie buffs, painters, creators and curators belong to this family. The acceptance is equivocal, and there is ace reliability in the product and the creation.

LGBT Rights And Liberty.

The community is collectively fighting for Marriage Rights. In some parts of the world, partnership rights have been extended to same-sex couples.

Issues regarding Property rights, Health care, Family obligations and Inheritance are raised.

There are both way views regarding same-sex marriages.

LGBT community is wealthy and affluent. They are considered to be the largest consumers in travel. Very frequently, couples of same-sex can be seen globetrotting without any baggage or hindrance. There is no fear, and the companionship gives the ultimate pleasure and security in the new places among diverse people and culture.

Mental and Emotional well being.

Mental health is a serious issue among the LGBT community. The social discrimination nurtures Anxiety, Depression and various stress-related matters. More and more people are falling into life long negativism and boredom, leading to SUICIDES. Drug and alcohol abuse is magnifying the social unrest in the community.

Gender idiosyncrasy, Victimisation, Lack of emotional support, Family problems from unacceptable and ostracization is hitting the community.

LONELINESS is another menace and problem with the individuals.

WHY a social stigma and taboo to this innocent bunch of people? They are God-fearing and delightful people.

They are our people. Support the Equality Act.

They are from us and need to be accepted as we do to our brethren. End the bullying.

Their personal choices should not hinder the bond of love and humanity that as humans, we should form. Stop Anti LGBT registration.

They are a harmless breed with a golden and passionate heart. Show them your sensitivity and love.

Their sexual preference is no handicap, and should not be considered a taboo.

Their skills and creativity should be deeply honored and accepted.

‘LIVE’ AND LET OTHERS ‘LIVE’. There is light and a flash of brilliance at the Horizon. Life is to move ahead, keeping aside the prejudices and detests. WE are the creations of the superpower and should learn to respect each other in the best possible way.

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