A dialogue from the latest OTT series intrigued me . . . ‘Less competent should not judge the more competent’.

 Do Not Judge More Competent

In a consumer forum redressal case, a world-famous super-specialist doctor was slapped with a penalty of millions of dollars for being negligent in a surgery he had performed on his patient. The Judge did not appreciate the intricacy of the matter nor the technicalities involving the doctor’s favour. Was this a blunder?

A panel of equally competent doctors was needed to adjudicate the matter and decide the sentence or penalty – ‘Less competent shouldn’t judge the more competent.’

“ To an incompetent judge, I must not lie – but, I may be silent to a competent; I must answer.”

No one can be Benjamin Franklin with every information or philosophy. If a less competent person is made to handle a particular domain, then maybe in the heat of incompetence and ego, the person may overestimate his abilities. This scenario could result in a marriage of confidence and ignorance that is impossible to handle and correct. The brunt falls on the innocent, competent person who cannot attest to the competence of the less competent adjudicator.

How easy is it to judge people for their actions and motives?

The competence to understand and comprehend the situation doesn’t matter. People do not take a moment to think or understand—they just speak filth for a Premier, slogging day-night to better the organization. The truth is that when we judge others, we do not define them – we define ourselves as such. For social viability and respect, one needs to be oneself with no comparison or competition.

Our motto should complement and improve a person, not humiliate him through ephemeral superfluous judgements.


 Judge Not And You Will Not Be Judged


We often preach thatwe are nobody to judge what if we are wrong? We are not the ones to figure out what someone deserves and how he gets it – we should work to restore the broken and heal the hurt.

I was taken aback when I overheard a bunch of hooligans denouncing and criticizing the direction of a movie by none other than Satyajit Ray, an Oscar winner and world-class director. People who couldn’t even pronounce the movie’s name correctly dared to use filthy language about the legend’s efforts and his aptitude. Don’t compare some people with others – There is no competition. They are one of a kind. The truth is that the future belongs to the competent – those who excel at what they do.

A doctor’s competence is always put to the test with every patient. His aptitude is tested by a patient who is a layman and doesn’t understand the ABCs of medicine. A competent doctor acquires expertise in understanding the disease and the habits and constitution of the suffering person. He is grilled and mentally spanked to understand the intricacies of medicine before he leaves medical school. He puts out his best while dealing with patients of all castes and creeds. Still, his abilities are questioned.

Why does a handful of incompetent people molest the reputation of a competent doctor by announcing that he is careless and incompetent? – ‘Never judge a man’s actions until you know his motives.’

More Competent

A most ignorant and imprudent labourer or worker is more competent and experienced in his ‘skill’ and ‘will’ than the ablest and brightest worker or technician in a world of specialists. On a comparative scale, who judges? No one. It is easier and cooler to accomplish a job correctly than to explain why you couldn’t. Remember, your EGO is the harshest and most ruthless Judge. The most complex and challenging thing is maintaining and standing on one’s own record – how easy it is to run to others. ‘The more competent the individual, the more difficult the test becomes.’

There is, however, a flip side to competence. Competence may nurture arrogance and ego in some people. People start looking at everyone with hostile defiance and derogatory expressions. They become sadists and exterminate potential subordinates and junior people who cannot excel or even question their aptitude. This is seen quite rampantly in professional settlements and organizations. They carry the flagstaff as if their sermons are the ultimate Bible of knowledge – neither do they update themselves, nor do they let others follow recent advances. Here we have the example of a more competent smothering the understanding of a less qualified person.

Why should I follow others or try to pull them down on the pretext of compulsive knowledge pursuits? The fact is that the biggest competition is within me – there is an ongoing tussle to find out more and comprehend more. How about setting our own boundaries and following the dictums religiously without any bias? When we do this, we stop judging people regardless of their competence and skill. People will be in a secret competition with you and still be at the losing end.

“There is no competition. Respectfully you can never be me, and I would never want to be you.” – So why judge or pull someone down?

So just smile – when you smile, you not only become more adorable, likeable and courteous – you appear to be more confident and competent. ‘Don’t compare me with others; there is no competition. —well, I am one of a kind.’


MORRIS CODE – “If you think you can do it—that’s CONFIDENCE. If You, do it, that’s COMPETENCE.”




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  1. Rupa Gupta says:

    The uniqueness of every individual very beautifully explained

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      hello Rupa
      thanks a lot for the appreciation.

  2. Hi Doctor
    Thanks for your concern. At times I am at loss of commentary on your blog posts, so that explains my absence. I like the point you have highlighted here.
    This story has been repeated so often…..
    Albert Einstein at the age of 26 in 1905 explained the “theory of relativity” and “Photoelectric Effect”. You know he got the Nobel Prize for Photoelectric effect that too in 1921,Judges took 16 years to appreciate it. He never got for Relativity; reason being the Judges couldn’t understand it.
    So you see genius will always be judged by the lesser ones. He will have to stand up and fight. How he proves his mettle is a sacrifice for the cause. Only then can he be a leader.
    Regards RG

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      You surprise me with your knowledge and style of writing. I think that you should be writing blogs. you take my topics so well with very apt examples. I just loved the example of Einstein.
      you are right,

  3. Hi Doctor
    Something more occurred to me today.Mostly it is not possible to find Judges to understand the actions of such revolutionaries in their fields. I have not seen this series but from your narration I think this prodigal surgeon—–he is at the crossroads of choosing to go into oblivion or proving his altruisim,i mean his good intentions. He will have to find a way to explain his intent in his field , the onus lies totally on him alone. Then he will be allowed to work fearlessly, with assurance and sufficient independence. It should happen Or else how do we bring about evolution, they come from the geniuses only.
    Great topic to bring out.
    Regards RG

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Dear RG
      I have tried to work in my field and otherwise with fearless honesty and boldness. I don’t look for judges. My soul is the best judge and my intuition guides me all through this journey.
      thank you so much for your apt views.

  4. Hi Doctor
    I am sure you are a very good surgeon. If your blogs are written with so much honesty your whole attitude can be known. Though personally I do not know you. Thank you for the appreciation, but i am not so good to write anything close to yours. I thoroughly enjoy giving comments on your posts, it comes in spontaneously.

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Thanks again for the kind words. I have an honest heart that’s all I know about myself. I don’t fake my feelings when I write. Human relationships and love is my forte and I try my best to live up to my personality and emotions.

  5. Rajan Bah says:

    Loved your analysis. Recently saw Special Ops and was thinking abut the conclusion. Stumbled on your post. Awesome thoughts!

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      Thank you so much for the appreciation Rajan Bah… regards

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