introspection or self observation is it necessary
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Introspection! Why self-observation is so necessary?

From the busy running around and exhaustive day schedule, I finally sat down in the lonely corner of my sprawling lush green garden under the big swaying ‘Khajoor’ tree. In the slow moving breeze I was watching the frolics of a small butterfly on one of the blooming Ixora bushes.

What is the relationship of this small creature with the flower?

Is it only the effort of the butterfly that it puts all energies to energize the commune between the two? Does the flower do nothing but stands with its colours and fragrance to woo the creature?

My mind started racing.

In my relationships, is it just me who keeps putting in efforts, expecting the other person to respond. Is it my one sided quest to quench the passion of giving and receiving or am i getting too expectant?

I realized, yes, I am!

People have their own roads to traverse and own destinations to scale. They cannot be at my level or at the same chemical wave length, so as to understand my so called demand. Their intelligence and perception cannot match me, all the time.

I have to learn to let go, and stay happy and satisfied in my own commune, that my heart and mind can decipher and comprehend.

The introspection upsurged a wave of contentment in me and I smiled while still looking at the foreplay of the butterfly.

I am happy in me. I am fulfilled in my own positivity…!

No one can provide me the completeness, the exhilaration and the enlightenment of soul. I have to learn to listen to my own heart beats and my emotional felicitations.

Its not getting selfish, but, it is understanding and respecting my own self ie. introspection.

I am not conceited or arrogant. I am what I have to be. What I am here for. I am directly connected to the super energy, the power that gives life. I am standing on the pinnacle from where I see the world much below me and much depleted in their energy.

I am the provider, not the receiver.

I can receive commands only from the super energy above me and that energy is infused in me as my own conscious mind.

This is my Positive Introspection.

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