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IF ‘GOSSIPING’ IS YOUR FOOD – you are probably overweight!

‘Gossip’ is an intriguing word that infuses adrenaline wherever it reaches or whosoever it nurtures. A gossiper beholds extreme boredom on one hand and nasty bitterness on the other. Most people enjoy it as the best form of dialogue and communication compared to any other form of speech. Gossip is information shared about an absent third party with a certain amount of mal intention.

“Who gossips to you will gossip of you.”


Why do people gossip, and what are the consequences and costs? There is social bonding, venting of emotions, entertainment, and feelings of superiority during gossip. The motives are harmless because the third party is mostly clueless about the ongoing ‘behind-the-back’ stories – more so, who cares? Should anyone care?

Research has shown that gossip enables cooperation but also promotes bullying and power struggles on the flip side. A gossiper feels empowered by the false notion of holding the horse’s mane. The penalty, however, may be frightening as the negative impact on self-confidence and self-esteem may lead to depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts.

GOSSIP comes from the Old English word – ‘god-sibb’ or ‘godparent.’ It was a term that reflected a powerful bond between two female friends after one of them delivered a baby. Somehow along the way, it gained sinister implications.


Gossip is undoubtedly a joyful pastime that some hypocrites claim to dislike. What happens at the Kitty parties, school recesses, and on bar stools is known to everyone. Some well-recognized and socially acquainted characters gain popularity because they claim to be familiar with anything and everything about everyone. They, however, eventually look like fools by creating the entire drama and subsequent disorder. Gossip makes one feel insecure and lonely. It indicates emotional immaturity and comes back to itself by lying.

Mr and Mrs Gossip can be found in every colony, multi-storey facility, club, or institution. The finest of them all is the – ‘Kaam Wali Bai.’

History validates the devastation and destruction of Kingdoms, sprawling Empires, Friendships, and Relationships through gossip and false rumors.

“People with immature ears and juvenile intellect have distorted minds and gullible hearts.”

Rumor and Gossip are close cousins.

Rumors are unverified information that may be true or are a farce. It has no legs but has wings that travel faster than the fastest spaceship. There is less human effort but better dispersal.

Gossip requires effort and trails a chain that may break if one person denies propagating or believing in its authenticity. It requires one swagging tongue and one news-promiscuous ear.


There are moulting stages in gossip—

CONCEPTION – An intelligent and nosey mind concocts a story about someone’s personal or secret life.

DELIVERY – A stage-wise growth and nourishment followed by delivery at a suitable time.

SHARING – The essential tool that requires a mediator – Friends . . . Connections and mass communities.

How to deal with bothersome gossip –

*Become wise – Gossip dies when it hits a discerning ear.

*Self-evaluation – Go through the chapters of your own life before raising a finger at others.

*Self-validation – Be impeccable in your versions and statements. Your words should behold the power and charisma that comes from nothing but truth and love.

*Kill the pest – Make a habit of bullshitting any conversation or person that aims to tarnish or tear down the others.

*Practice patience – Avoid reacting to any gossip that concerns you. Your adverse reaction may validate the gossiper’s motives.

* Change your perception – The gossiper is making you a page 3 and the ‘talk of the town’. So, appreciate the gossip; it’s not easy for someone to leave his problems and carry them on his head.


I have found an easy way to deal with gossip. – I tell different stories about my life to others. So, when they gossip about me – they start arguing.


Quote of the Day – “Strong minds discuss ideas – Average minds discuss events – WEAK MINDS discuss people.”





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  1. Rakesh Bhatia says:

    What do people talk about? They talk about people! Insightful analysis!!

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      well said — kuch to log kahenge.. logon ka kaam hai kehana

      thanks a lot for the appreciation dear.

  2. Dr Ashok Kumar Ojha says:

    The blog” If gossiping is your food-you are probably overweight is true in our daily life. An aptly said, the one who gossips to you will gossip of you some day.
    People enjoy gossiping of someone who’s not present and can go to an ulterior level. It is very clear that one day, the listener to gossipier can become a target. At times, one may try to extract personal information which are of private in nature through gossips. The said information becomes a weapon and is used in slinging mud at the time of rift or differences. So it’s better to avoid gossips to a greater extent.. Too good..

    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      That is very well said, Ashok Bhai — Gossip and gossiper should be discouraged by all means. It’s a menace that helps no one but destroys a lot. Never trust anyone with your secrets. The secret you couldn’t keep to yourself will indeed fly over the fence to your Neighbour. Regards

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