‘HATERS’ HAVE TO HATE YOU . . . but make them your favourite – don’t ignore them.

“I hate you”. . . How commonly do we say this or feed our minds?

Hatred is an emotional reaction — a temporary phase or attitude towards a person, place or situation that lasts for some time and then goes away.

How about the hatred that is born out of jealousy and personal complexity? A feeling that devastates you, and you feel the mental and emotional crunch every time you think of or see the concerned person or situation.

Let’s analyse two situations – ‘To hate someone’ (be a hater) – ‘To be hated by someone.’ (To be the target of hatred).

While growing up, I hated many people – my next-door uncle, my Maths teacher, the backbencher boys, some seniors in medical college, the girls who denied my friendship etc. I realise that by hating, you dissipate so much energy and liveliness and achieve nothing because the target is ignorant of your loathing.

What is the point of one-sided drudgery and frustration?

Be the person to be hated – No matter how good or cool you are, someone will always be against you. Be the “hater’s pride” rather than the “hater’s conscience.”

The haters fear that they won’t stand in front of you and curse themselves for not achieving what you have in your life – You are a reflection of what they wish to be.

Someone rightly quoted – ‘Haters are my favourites — they keep pelting stones and bricks at me that I use to fortify and resurrect the fortress of success around me.’

I accepted challenges positively in my life because some people said that I couldn’t do that. I secured what I wanted and did not heed what these people assumed about me. NOW THEY HATE ME – but they are my favourites because, unknowingly, they infused tremendous energy in me to pull up my socks and run the ultimate marathon.

If someone tells you – ‘Hey, you can’t do this . . . They are showing their incompetence and limitations – NOT YOURS.

By the way – “Do you have a hater who is doing better than you?” – NO!

My haters judge me, misinterpret me and chatter about me, but I don’t care – these aren’t my glitches. I believe in love and my mental capabilities. My worth is beyond doubt, and their murky shadows cannot fade my shine.

Why should we waste time and energy detesting the haters?—get busy loving lovers and admirers.

Hate is a predisposition and a personality trait. It is a negative emotion endured by many people. They are on the lookout for targets to exude their ire –

*They hate you if you are handsome.

*They hate you if you are ugly.

*They will hate you for your poverty and,

*Hate you for your wealth and prosperity.

No matter what – they will hate you because you carry an image of who they wish they had become.

BUT, don’t hate them back because they may someday achieve your status, which means hurting that image you carry. The other side is that the haters are confused – they can’t make out why everyone loves and adores you.

‘Haters are like crickets – they make a lot of noise you can hear, but you never see them – then you walk right by them, and they are silent.‘ The people who gossip behind your back – are eventually at your back – right where they belong. Correct? Remember, when they can’t find anything wrong with you, they create it.

Again – I emphasise – make your haters your favourites. Use their hatred as motivation and shove your success into their face. “Dear hater — I have so much more for you to be mad at me for – JUST BE PATIENT.

I am ‘awesome’, that ends with ‘me’. . . and ‘ugly’ starts with ‘U’.

During my initial days of writing and posting on social media, I fished for ‘likes’ and tried to compare myself with other people’s pages and platforms. Later I realised that a ‘like’ doesn’t mean appreciation or admiration. Don’t we get the self-imposed impression that people hate us – dislike us? “Oh, Mr X doesn’t ‘like’ my posts – he absolutely hates me.” They don’t like you, but they will be checking your posts religiously.

The enigma is that if you hate me but still watch and check out everything I do or post – then, come on, face it – you are a fan. ‘Hey, I need new haters – the old ones are my fans now 😊.

I firmly believe that it’s better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.


So let the haters have their day and hate you – you love them and make them your favourites.


“You have enemies – GOOD, that means you have stood up for something – sometime in your life.” WINSTON S. CHURCHILL.





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  1. Kumkum mehrotra says:

    Awesome post

  2. Asha kumar rastogi says:


    1. Dr. Anuj says:

      thanks bro

  3. Dr Ashok Kumar Ojha says:

    Haters have to hate you..Make them your favourite… Don’t ignore them…Such a wonderful blog kept me glued to it till I completed reading..
    In fact, right from childhood, we come across many people whom we don’t like to talk rather hate them…Similarly an equally sizable no of people may not like us or we are target of hatred for them… In both the scenarios, jealousy, rivalry, competitiveness etc etc are the reasons that surge hate in one’s mind for others..We may hate some one who always performs better than us not only in the examination but also at various extra curricular activities..Once my teacher embarrassed by asking a question that whether I shall be in a position to defeat another class fellow in TT game or not…Such instances sometimes brew a feeling of hate in one’s mind.. Similar situation prevails in the examination also..Though we know our limits, yet we are engulfed with an iota of complex, it may be superiority or inferiority.A feeling of hate creeps in our mind and develops into a plethora of hatred and gradually we starts hating him or her…On the other hand there are people who may not like our habits, behaviour or mannerisms.. We are obsessed to face such persons..We always try to avoid meeting such people..It is only because an inherent feeling in our mind overides all past experiences…
    Now as the saying goes, hate the sin and not the sinner.. Similarly we have to develop a trait not to skip those persons who hate us.Rather we should embark on developing a cordial and congenial relationship with a person who hates you..It may take time but goal is never too far to be achieve it.. Wonderful scripted blog Dr Anuj…

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