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Film actors… Do they come from another planet?

It was the year 1982 and I was with a group of Medical college friends competing in a prestigious MEDIFEST at Rohtak.

We were all stationed in Tents with bare minimum necessities. In the early morning while we were barely awake, a Doctor representing another college, walked in and sat down on the stool in front of my bed.

Yaar tell me one thing, Neetu Singh (a famous bollywood diva in those times), must also be washing her bottoms in the morning after shit, as I just did.”

This inadvertent remark coming from a half dozed person, made everyone go into laughing raptures.

“Arre, tell me, what is the difference between me and her”.

Sure enough there is no difference.

The Film Actors are not from different planet.

The Bollywood, Hollywood… etc actors are also Human beings like us. They breathe and eat the same.

But how and why do we all look at them with an awe.

They are certainly not from another planet. Why do we consider them as demi Gods and worship their cults, mannerisms and whims with a deep sense of reverence.

Why do we allow them to squander the social norms and lead a page 3 life.

The Bollywood is a living example.

So many actresses ‘fasaaoed’ married middle aged males and became their lawful wives regardless of any divorce or separation from the previous alliance.

So many young actresses are having living in relationships with so many people before they decide to be married.

Why are norms different for them.

Children produced by them out of wedlock find legitimacy in the society. WHY? They take pride in announcing to the world about their illicit relationships.

In one of the recent blockbuster Non Fiction movie, the hero accepts sleeping with 350 odd women. It means, Stardust can blow with any gusto, anywhere without blinding the people.

I too want to be a celebrity. I think that everyone want that status.


I surely don’t want, rather can’t compromise my legitimate and intimate marital status for the pseudo glorified razzmatazz akin to the Bolly, Holly or Molly wood.

We need to take the Demi Gods out of the self proclaimed celebrity frames and make them realize that they are also a part of the same social status and have no right to play with the emotions of the ‘sada aadmi’.

They should be ostracized if they don’t stop the tomfoolery of making fun of the pious relationships. They are from this planet and need to be looked like a homosapien, not like an Alien.

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