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Experimenting with the past… it and heal it


Life was a roller coaster ride for him.

He was excellent at making relationships. Following the ideology of — Trying Anything and Everything, to make life happy, he left no stone unturned. Life took turns and Destiny placed him on different pedestals, changing his perspective. New relationships were going through ups and downs, making him repent. He tried to comprehend the gait of events, but the past and present pushed him backwards.

He started blaming the present and thought that his past was better. He contemplated that the happiness of the Past was pulling him backwards, and not letting him come to terms with the Present.

He decided to experiment. He took a sabbatical and moved to the places and people with whom he once gelled in the past. He tried to relive the moments by indulging in the past intoxications and talks.

But, things had changed. He had matured and moved on. He couldn’t place himself in the framework of the past. He became asphyxiated and frustrated and bid a final goodbye.

He left the place and those people with the intention of never coming back. He experimented with the past, in order to get positive results from his present. He was now a happy person and did not brood on the bygone days. There were no comparisons.

Don’t we brood on our past trying to rise from certain pedestals in comparison to the present?

We don’t realise that times have changed, and we’ve greyed mentally; so have the people who formed the pillars of our early days. The past should be remembered as a lesson from misdeeds and mishaps. Otherwise, the past gives us nothing but pain because we inhabit it in comparison with the present.

I often heard my ageing parents, lamenting over several issues regarding their glorious past. It was from the cost of living, family values, deteriorating relationships, friendships, civic sense and traffic. This made them sad and unhappy.

Learn to move on. Repentance or adulation can’t change the archive. Let the past be frozen like the still photographs of a history album.

Live Today because tomorrow it will be Yesterday …The PAST.

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